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Published: 0302 GMT April 15, 2022

Army shines like a jewel

Army shines like a jewel

By Hassan Ghazi*

April 18 is celebrated as Army Day in Iran. Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, designated the day just a few months after the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. At the time, the Army of the Islamic Republic was facing various internal and external challenges and was in danger of dissolution. As the principal supporter of the army, Ayatollah Khomeini stepped in and foiled a sinister plot hatched by the enemies of the revolution. In a historic message issued with the utmost determination to foster unity and integrity among the ranks of the army, Ayatollah Khomeini announced the need to preserve it and named April 18 as Army Day. This article aims to pay tribute to Iran’s Army whose personnel made noble sacrifices in defense of our homeland.

A prominent advantage of armies over other organizations is that they enjoy a certain type of discipline rooted in their hierarchical order and structure. Army culture differs from that of other institutions because of its unique mission, internal structure, required resources, and relationship to society, state and other institutions. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army, the mission of which is to protect the independence and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran, displays a manifestation of obedience, loyalty to Islamic principles and precepts, support for the people, logical courage, synergy, innovation, agility and combat readiness. These features can be tracked through the glorious performance of the army immediately at the dawn of the Islamic Revolution, as well as during the Sacred Defense and afterwards.

After the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, no sooner had the army accomplished its mission of fighting the counter-revolutionaries across the country than the Iraqi forces invaded Iran and commenced one of the longest wars of contemporary history. Once again, it was the army that was the quickest in responding to the crisis, valiantly defending the values of Islam, the people, the country, the newly-established Islamic Republic, and national prestige.

Instantly, after the Iraqi invasion, supported and fanned by a great majority of global powers, the first response was made by Iran’s Air Force through the magnificent air operation, Kaman 99, followed by defensive operations planned and conducted by the Islamic Republic’s Army Land Force, resulting in bringing the enemy forces to an everlasting halt, and completed by the navy operations, destroying Iraqi naval power for good. The 34-day resistance of naval commandoes against a number of Iraqi divisions to preserve the city of Khorramshahr will remain a heroic event in our history.

After the war, more determined than ever, the army has been evolving into an even more agile, responsive, creative, innovative, and knowledge-based military organization, commended by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, and trusted by the people. The army is constantly endeavoring to promote all its elements of combat power to accomplish its mission. This has resulted in being infinitely prepared for winning any war, aiming at promoting peace, and decisively imposing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s will over the enemies.

In addition to Islamic values dominating the organizational atmosphere in Iran’s Army, other key military values include obedience, loyalty, integrity, duty, selflessness, hierarchy, subordination, and discipline. To elevate these values, the human resources in the army are comprised of well-trained, faithful and loyal officers, soldiers who are ready to sacrifice their lives for Islam and the nation. The army personnel are trained and structured to operate in such a manner as to enhance synergy and improve organizational integrity.

Creativity and innovation stand on top in army human resource management strategies. This leads to more efficient information and operation planning as well as logistics. Furthermore, the army has made extensive advancements in the fields of science and technology to support its primary mission. Standing on its own feet, the army has taken great leaps forward to design, produce and manufacture ground, aerial and marine military equipment. To name a few, these include tanks, personnel carriers, light weapons, rockets and missiles, UAVs, fighter jets, submarines and warships of various classes, radars and electronic warfare equipment. Another great advancement the army has made is a unique and totally indigenous war gaming system designed and developed at the Command and Staff University. This system plays a significant role in planning and conducting military exercises and will soon employ artificial intelligence to expand its capabilities to the fullest.

Under the leadership of the Leader, the army has been and will remain a faithful supporter of the people and an ardent defender of national interests in the region and across the globe. Owing to the teachings of Islam, the army personnel are enlightened about transcendent values such as dedication and self-sacrifice. This will keep the army perseverant on the path of truthfulness, moral values, and timely defense of the oppressed whenever it is needed. On the 43rd anniversary of Army Day, the army is honored to be known as the “Noble Family,” a title granted by the Leader. The Islamic Revolution crowned Iran and its people with honor, self-esteem, freedom and independence. Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army is an illustrious jewel.

* Hassan Ghazi is a faculty member at the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army Command and Staff University.



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