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Published: 0357 GMT April 17, 2022

Iran welcomes peace in Yemen

Iran welcomes peace in Yemen

By Abbas Moqtadaei*

Recent developments pertaining to the involved parties in the war on Yemen, particularly the declaration of a 60-day cease-fire at the beginning of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, have rekindled hopes of establishing peace in the Arab country.

The Iranian Parliament and government are eagerly counting down seconds to see an end to the conflict between two Muslim states and the establishment of peace.

Seven years have elapsed since the beginning of the aggression against Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition of Muslim countries, during which the aggressors have failed to achieve their goals and the Yemeni people and the popular Ansarullah movement have grown stronger and more resistant.

As a Muslim country, and based on Islamic teachings, Iran does not advocate war between two Muslim states. No doubt, all Muslims across the world expect Saudi Arabia, as an important country of the Muslim world, to stop the aggression against Muslims in Yemen and, instead, move toward promotion of unity among Muslim states.

Now, in view of experiences gained during these seven years, it appears as if the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia has come to the conclusion that the continuation of the aggression fails to have any benefit for Riyadh and is solely inflicting pain on the hearts of Muslims across the globe.

Saudi Arabia’s move to declare a cease-fire and lift part of the economic siege of Yemen can be a positive step toward ending the destructive war. Since the very beginning of the crisis, the Iranian Parliament and its National Security and Foreign Policy Committee have constantly been following the country’s developments and now, are monitoring the new circumstances. The Iranian Parliament, government and Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei had, previously, made some wise, prudent and compassionate recommendations to Saudi leaders, who refused to accept them.

In his last speech, delivered on April 12, Ayatollah Khamenei reminded Saudi leaders more explicitly that they cannot achieve any success in Yemen and, thus, given that they cannot reach their goals, it would be better that they stop their aggression and think of making peace.

There is room for hope that this time, Saudi leaders would take Ayatollah Khamenei’s advice more seriously, as the Islamic Republic does not seek to see a weak Saudi Arabia, but the continuation of the war on Yemen will lead to nothing but the further weakening of the kingdom and its government.

Iran, however, is not after interference in other country’s internal affairs, including those of Yemen, but as a Muslim and a neighboring state, it has spared no effort to ensure peace, stability and security in the region, and will continue to do so. It appears as if the experiences gained during the past seven years of war have led Saudi officials to a rationality that would eventually bring peace. Under these circumstances, all regional countries are required to redouble their efforts to end the war and establish peace.


*Abbas Moqtadaei is a member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee and a representative of the central Iranian province of Isfahan in the legislative body.


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