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Published: 0224 GMT April 18, 2022

Heart of Israel to be hit if it acts against Iran: Raeisi

Heart of Israel to be hit if it acts against Iran: Raeisi

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President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi on Monday warned that Iran's Armed Forces would target Israel’s heart if it makes "the slightest move" against the Islamic Republic.

“If you (Israelis) make the slightest move against the Iranian nation, you should know that the target of our Armed Forces’ response will be the heart of the Zionist regime,” Raeisi said in a televised speech at an annual military parade south of Tehran to mark the National Army Day.

Raeisi added that Iran's Armed Forces would not allow Israel rest in the aftermath of any hostile action.

The president said Iran keeps a close eye on Israel.

“The message to the Zionist regime is that in your seeking to normalize relations with certain regional countries, you should know that not even your slightest moves are hidden from the eyes of our intelligence, security, and Armed Forces,” he pointed out.

Raeisi said that Iran’s military might serves as a deterrent.

"Our strategy is defensive rather than offense,” he said, adding that "Iran's Army used the opportunity of sanctions very well to empower itself, and our military industries are now in the best shape".

Raeisi’s comments come days after he urged neighboring Iraq on Thursday not to allow its soil to be used for activities that might disrupt Iran's security.

Last month, Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps fired a dozen ballistic missiles at a "strategic center" run by Israel in Arbil, the capital of Iraq's semi-autonomous northern Kurdistan region.

Accompanied by military commanders, Reaisi conducted the troop review as choppers flew overhead and parachutists dropped down over the parade area near the mausoleum of Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic.

Monday’s parade also showcased fighter jets, surveillance and combat drones, and air defense systems as well as military tanks, armored personnel carriers, missiles, small submarines and naval vessels.

One piece of showcased military hardware was a “long-range and strategic multi-purpose drone” called Kaman (Bow) 22.

Raeisi said the most central capability of Iran’s Armed Forces is “their sincere and devout members who are ready to face danger for the sake of the country,” Press TV wrote.

He added that the Iranian Army’s “readiness is a great achievement for our country”.

Iran makes a show of military force on the National Army Day with parades every April 18. The country often demonstrates new defense technologies on the day. Army veterans, active servicemen and reservists take part in the annual parade.

“The message of the prowess, power, strength and endurance of the Iranian armed forces to the dispossessed and oppressed people of the world is that today our Armed Forces are their source of hope, because supporting the world’s oppressed is one of the principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s policy,” Raeisi said.










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