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Published: 0244 GMT May 09, 2022

Fourth Tehran International Auto Show to be held at Shahr-e Aftab

Fourth Tehran International Auto Show to be held at Shahr-e Aftab


Director of the director of Exhibiran International Abbas Taqaddossinejad © attends a news conference in Tehran on May 9, 2022.

Abbas Taqaddossinejad, board member and the director of Exhibiran International (Shahr-e Aftab Fairground complex), stated during the Fourth Tehran International Auto Show news conference that this exhibition will be held once more after a hiatus, and went on to say that “we see a vacuum in terms of service to the interested public and specialists of the auto industry,” according to IRNA.

“We have 33 fairgrounds in our country whose potential is not being realized in comparison with other countries…  Shahr-e Aftab Fairground has been built according to the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI)[P2]  standards but has not been exploited for noticeable events,” he claimed, adding “a huge investment has been made in Shahr-e Aftab, and it’s very valuable; therefore it should be properly exploited.”

Taqaddossinejad noted that Shahr-e Aftab’s many halls, open spaces and subway station as pros of this site and claimed that the public would benefit from it regarding the traffic, hoping that the Tehran Auto Show will be held in superb conditions. 

On why Shahr-e Aftab’s potential isn’t being fully realized, he said: “One issue is the sanctions, but through application of new methods and standards of holding exhibitions, we hope to have collaborative exhibitions with other countries as well.”

He also emphasized that plans have been devised and steps taken to make the access to the Fourth Tehran Auto Show easy, citing no entrance fee, no-toll policy for Shahr-e Aftab area, as well as facilitating familial outings on the site’s outdoors as evidence. 

Taqaddossinejad announced that the exhibition will be held from  May 17 to 20, 2022, hosting 25 auto companies active in Iran’s market in three different sections which will showcase their products, with some offering special sales conditions. He also mentioned, “On May 16, there will be a special ceremony for journalists and authorities.”

Faced with a question regarding the ban on auto imports and therefore a bigger role for domestic manufacturers, he explained, “Some domestic manufacturers have foreign partners, and a part of the exhibition is dedicated to Iranian products. Although we are not hosting auto import companies at this exhibition, we have guests from other countries.”

Specifying the reasons for holding the Fourth Tehran International Auto Show, Taqaddossinejad said: “We have been dealing with the pandemic and Western countries’ unilateral sanctions, nevertheless, our auto industry has had some achievements and the goal of this exhibition is showcasing the latest achievements of Iran’s auto industry.” 

He noted, “Some might have thought that Iran’s auto industry would decline with sanctions in place, but manufacturing lines returned to normal and thanks to government plans and private sector investments, auto manufacturers have around 14 products to showcase in this exhibition.”

The director of Exhibiran International said: “Interaction between the executors and the manufacturers is important for this exhibition because it will lead to a synergy between different sections of the show. It’s a great opportunity to compensate for last years’ shortcomings in this area.”


Licensed by ministry

In another part of this news conference, Alireza Ajezi, executive manager of the Fourth Tehran Auto Show emphasized the importance of interaction between the executors and manufacturers, and added, “This exhibition is licensed by, and with the full cooperation of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, and is in compliance with the auto objectives of the country. Experts[P3]  in the economy will be present at the opening ceremony.”

Ajezi made clear the importance of the auto market in Iran, explaining that “foreign manufacturers didn’t break their ties with Iran even during sanctions and they hope for improvement of the situation and connections.”

He proclaimed that “around 30 million automobiles are being used in Iran which could mean a great deal for car manufacturers around the world and they have their eyes on this market.”

He went on to say, “In the Fourth Tehran Auto Show some investors from Iran, China, South Korea, Turkey and the Persian Gulf region will be our guests, visiting the exhibition.”

In response to a question about the ban on short[P4]  selling cars by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and its effects on the exhibition, he replied: “This is an unexpected[P5]  issue but will not affect this exhibition in any major way, but we ask of the media to create a chance for critical debate because this decision could have its own challenges[P6] .”






 [P1]It is better to say this at the end of the paragraph.

 [P2]What is UF?

 [P3]Or economic experts

 [P4]Shortselling, one word?

 [P5]Expected or unexpected?

 [P6]Overall, I think this is a good translation.


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