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Published: 0624 GMT May 11, 2022

Special accommodations to boost population growth

Special accommodations to boost population growth

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Ministry of Health and Medical Education’s Assistant Secretary for Health Kamal Heidari stated in an online news conference during Health Week (May 7-13) that the ministry has special plans to help boost population growth.

“Premarital education, prevention and early diagnosis of infertility, supporting impoverished pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and offering natural childbirth accommodations to encourage natural birth are on the ministry’s agenda,” he said, according to IRNA.

Heidari added, “Population is one of the main concerns of our country and since we face declining population growth rate, this year the Ministry of Health is specifically addressing the issue.”

According to him, a headquarters has been formed inside the Center for Youth Population in the Ministry of Health; due to the fact that population turned into a cultural issue, attention should be paid to youth’s psychological safety and childbearing.

“Plans and accommodations are devised in Family Protection Law in order to support young couples and also impoverished families,” stated the Ministry's Assistant Secretary for Health.

Announcing that during the Covid-19 pandemic childbearing increased, he said, “The one-child trend is one of our main concerns; now the average age of marriage among the youth is 24, and we need better plans in order to encourage childbearing and easy marriage.”

Heidari added, “Based on the Population and Childbearing Law, within the first five years comprehensive assessments will be made, and individuals in need will be identified and supported.”

The Assistant Secretary for Health emphasized the importance of properly accommodating childbearing, saying, “Housing, education and subsistence issues are all included in the law.”

Noting the decline in the country’s population, he claimed, “According to the law, fertility health, treating infertility, providing the required infrastructure and supporting student marriages are all part of the Ministry of Health and Education’s tasks.”

Saber Jabbari, the headquarters’ secretariat officer also spoke in the conference and mentioned that childbearing should not be delayed. He said, “Families should try to have three or four children based on their lifestyles.”

“There will be accommodations with regards to natural childbirth services and leave of absence for mothers,” he added.


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