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Published: 0333 GMT May 18, 2022
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Palestinians’ consensus, solidarity will ensure future victories: Expert

Palestinians’ consensus, solidarity will ensure future victories: Expert
Deputy Head for Political and International Affairs of the Society for the Defence of ‎Palestinian ‎Nation Hossein Rooyvaran maintains that ‎the younger generation of Palestinians is resisting more ‎‎determinedly than their fathers against the ‎‎occupying Israeli regime. ‎

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The consensus and solidarity already built among Palestinians will play an important ‎role in securing their future victories, ‎said the deputy head for political and ‎international affairs of the Society for the Defence of Palestinian ‎Nation (SDPN).

In an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, Hossein Rooyvaran ‎described the development of such ‎a consensus as necessary among Palestinians on the importance of continuing the resistance until the ‎liberation of the Arab country from ‎Israel’s grip.

Turning to the Israeli forces’ brutal murder of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu ‎Akleh in Al-Quds on Friday, ‎he noted that the act of terror played a very important ‎role in building consensus among Palestinians.‎

‎“The resistance movement formed in Palestine is Islamic in nature,” he noted, ‎adding that Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement are among the organizations formed ‎within the framework of ‎the Palestinian resistance.

He noted that, however, numerous developments have taken place within the ‎process of the Palestinians’ ‎resistance, acknowledging that the resistance front has ‎moved beyond the organizational levels.

The Palestinian affairs expert said, recently, two young Palestinians with no link to ‎any organization carried out anti-Israeli operations in Tel Aviv’s proximity as they ‎had felt ‎a duty‎ toward the resistance movement.

Turning back to Abu Akleh’s martyrdom‎, he noted that what’s very important about ‎her assassination is that it was carried out by the Zionist regime ‎while she was ‎covering news about the raids by Israeli forces on Palestinians in the city of Jenin in ‎the northern occupied West Bank.

The other important aspect of her martyrdom is that she was Christian, which has ‎caused Palestine’s Christians to join the fray, the expert said. ‎

Such cases show that Israel is an inhumane regime that does not care about or have ‎any mercy for people even if they are unarmed, have immunity as reporters, or even ‎are Christians, Rooyvaran regretted. ‎

Commemorating the 74th anniversary of Nakba Day (the Day of Catastrophe), the ‎expert underlined the occasion’s significance for Palestinians. ‎

On May 15, 1948, the Zionist regime displaced nearly two-thirds (800,000) of the ‎entire, 1.4 million, Palestinian population and expelled them from their ‎homeland to live in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, he said.

During those days, Rooyvaran noted, the Zionist regime destroyed about 600 ‎villages and occupied cities, settling Jews in them, to practically occupy Palestine ‎and reveal its usurping nature to the world. ‎

The deputy SDPN added at the time, the founder and first prime minister of Israel ‎David Ben-Gurion made a historic remark: “The old will die and the young will ‎forget.”

What has, however, unfolded on the ground is that although the old have died, the ‎young have not forgotten, he emphasized. ‎

Rooyvaran maintained that the fourth generation of Palestinians is resisting more ‎determinedly than their fathers, which is manifested in their operations against the ‎occupying Israeli regime.‎

He said great changes have recently taken place in Palestine, among which has been ‎the victory of the resistance movement in the Saif al-Quds Battle and its success in ‎striking a balance in terms of deterrence against Israeli aggression.‎

‎“The resistance movement has become so powerful that the same Zionist regime ‎that occupied Gaza in six days through an aggression in 1967 has failed to capture ‎an inch of the Gaza Strip’s soil through seven or eight wars it has waged against the ‎enclave since 2008.”‎

This indicates, Rooyvaran noted, that the resistance movement has developed ‎capabilities to the extent that it can thwart each and every Israeli attack and come ‎to the scene at any moment to defend the Palestinian cause and holy sites, such as ‎the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

He expressed hope that these changes and developments would open up brighter ‎horizons before efforts to resolve the Palestinian crisis.

Turning to the formation of a committee, dubbed the Winograd Commission, by the ‎Zionist regime after the 33-day war in Lebanon in 2006, the deputy SDPN said, ‎‎“Comprising 4,500 military forces, officers and commanders, it has issued a 600-‎page report on the performance of the Zionist regime in six months.”

Rooyvaran noted that the most significant point in this report is that while it says ‎Israel is recognized by the Western powers as the top military power in the region, it ‎admits that the resistance movement has been able to “neutralize” this military ‎dominance and create new equations through asymmetric warfare.

‎“Not only has the resistance movement been formed in Palestine, but a ‎resistance axis has been developed in the region to support the Palestinian ‎fighters,” he said, adding that the resistance axis can establish new equations ‎domestically and regionally.‎



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