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Published: 0335 GMT May 22, 2022
Late prominent Iranian cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi:

Clerics are duty-bound to protect Islam

Clerics are duty-bound to protect Islam

Efforts and sacrifices by prophets and saints in the world have entirely been ‎focused on preparing the ground for all humans’ growth and sublimation. ‎

Since human beings’ evolution is dependent on the knowledge and wisdom God ‎has given them, prophets and saints have focused their efforts on, primarily, ‎guiding the people and helping them know their path and destination, and, secondly, ‎educating them.

Thus, the main goals of the prophets and saints has been providing humans with knowledge and helping them purify their souls.

The gravest responsibility currently shouldered by Muslim clerics is guiding the ‎people and preventing them from deviating from the right path in terms of ‎ethics. As a matter of fact, clerics, as Islam’s ‎soldiers, are duty-bound to fight Satan and its army. ‎

This comes as certain foreign governments are not the sole enemies uniting in ‎the cultural fight against Islam. There are other elements inside Iran which have ‎been ousted from the country’s main political scene and are surreptitiously ‎involved in cultural battles against the society. Anti-Islamic Revolution groups are ‎still active inside the country, working toward their evil and destructive cultural ‎goals at Iranian schools and universities. They seek to empty the Islamic ‎Establishment from within in the long-term. ‎

Iran has lost a large number of great Muslim mentors, such as Mohammad ‎Beheshti and Morteza Motahhari as well as students brought up in their ‎schools of thought, in the battle against the anti-Iran Mujahedin-e Khalq (MKO) ‎terrorist group and the eight-year (1980-88) Iraqi-imposed war. ‎

They were among the country’s best children who could be of ‎great contribution toward building Iran. Although their martyrdom was not a ‎loss, but pure bliss to them, we suffered tremendously by losing these great ‎men.

In view of the great responsibility we have toward the entire universe ‎and our duty to promote Islam through presenting the major divine religion to ‎the world, even if the likes of Beheshti and Motahhari were alive, our society ‎would still be faced with a shortage of such great figures, let alone now that we ‎do not have access to them. Therefore, under the present circumstances, we ‎inevitably have to redouble our efforts and feel a greater sense of duty in the ‎ongoing and incessant fight against Satan and its followers. ‎

Our entire lives must be the scene of the fight against evil. We should care about ‎the world and material aspects of life only as far as they guarantee our survival ‎and ability to work. If we prioritize our welfare and amassing wealth, we have not ‎only failed to fulfill our responsibility, but also betrayed our martyrs and their ‎sacrifices.

Islam’s survival hinges on Islamic scholars and Muslim mentors. Today, ‎our future generation is being threatened by numerous dangers of different ‎sorts. Such a situation obliges Muslim clerics to stand against the enemies who ‎have waged a full-fledged war on our young generation, using their scientific and ‎‎cultural tools‎. ‎Repelling other dangers is a responsibility of other organizations and bodies‎.

We must all review our priorities and thoughts and decide whether we are more concerned about our own welfare and social status, or about Islam‎, ‎ Muslim society and the effective presentation of this religion to the world.

The above is provided by the Congress to Commemorate Clerics Martyred in ‎the Iraqi-Imposed War, which will be convened on May 25, 2022, in the city of ‎Qom.



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