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Published: 0457 GMT May 24, 2022

MP calls for addressing dust pollution through environmental diplomacy

MP calls for addressing dust pollution through environmental diplomacy

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The Head of the Environmental Caucus in the Iranian Parliament stressed the importance of improving environmental diplomacy and cooperation among regional countries to control the issue of haze and dust particles.

Somayeh Rafiei maintained that our exercise of diplomacy in handling the issue of haze has been lackluster so far.

Regional countries need to cooperate,” she said, adding that the persistence of dust and haze pollution in the region is not in the interest of any country.

Noting that the Iranian Parliament demands a joint action plan be devised, Rafiei underlined that every country must be committed to the plan and spare no effort.

The Environmental Caucus head said the legislature has begun engaging in parliamentary diplomacy to lay the groundwork for regional negotiations on the predicament.

She expressed hope that with a proper action plan based on a well-researched comprehensive understanding of dust and haze pollution, good outcomes would follow.

Describing Iran as extremely susceptible to haze and developmental measures of its neighboring countries due to its location and geopolitical situation, Rafiei noted that droughts and climate changes have complicated matters.

The MP says that her suggestions for reducing the susceptibility of regional countries to haze have been well received by Francesco Rocca, president of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

In our recent bilateral meeting with Rocca, the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) and IFRC were set to increase their cooperation regarding climate change,” announced Rafiei.

She noted that since we are dealing with the effects of climate change, the issue of dust and haze is certainly reoccurring.

Even though there are clouds of haze in Iran that originate from faraway countries such as Sudan, the source of a significant portion of the existing haze pollution is in Iraq.

There used to be cooperation between Iran and Iraq on the issue, but we dont have any joint plan at the moment,” she stated.

Rafiei said that the Environmental Caucus in the Iranian Parliament is preparing the groundwork for negotiations with the Iraqi parliament to control dust and haze in the region.

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