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Published: 0206 GMT May 31, 2022

Tehran, New Delhi to diversify channels of payments to boost trade: Ambassador

Tehran, New Delhi to diversify channels of payments to boost trade: Ambassador

Iran and India are trying to diversify the channels of payments to expand the bilateral trade, said Iranian ambassador to India.

Talking to Financial Express Online, Ali Chegeni noted, We are trying to diversify the channels of payments and accordingly wish to extend and expand an already existing mechanism in order to cover all of the goods and services”.

During the past two years, because of COVID restrictions, we pursue the issue via virtual dialogues and currently our officials are following the matter through the exchange of delegations, the envoy stated.

The ambassador said that Iran has always been a reliable energy partner to its customers and is ready to resume its normal export of its oil, gas and petrochemical products to international markets.

To India, Iran has also been a major exporter of oil until imposition of illegal, brutal and unilateral sanctions.”

In the current situation and after the recent events which has had some impacts on oil and gas market, and henceforth the intense increase in oil global prices, countries like India urgently need to diversify the suppliers, and without any doubt, Iran can play a significant role in meeting parts of the needs and requirements of the global market, he added.

The export of Iran oil has never been disrupted and we are still selling our oil to the customers,” Chegeni noted.

More importantly, current oil supply shortages make Iran oil even more indispensable than before. Indian companies either from the public or private sectors are also fully aware of Irans capacities and readiness in this respect and of course, it is upon them to take forward the necessary steps, the envoy stated.

We want to develop our economic and trade relations beyond energy and petrochemical products. Since due to the complementarity of Iran and India economies, an extensive range of non-oil trade exists between two sides including trade on goods and services, investment, tourism and education, which may pave the way for multiplying our economic relations ten times more than current level in mid- and long-terms”, Chegeni said.



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