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Published: 0423 GMT June 18, 2022

Pompeo reveals terrorist principles of US foreign policy

Pompeo reveals terrorist principles of US foreign policy

Mohammad Sadegh Kooshki

Regional affairs expert

Former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has repeated his false claims against Iran. Defending his delusional ideas of ‘maximum pressure’ and imposition of sanctions on Iran, he has advised the Biden administration to adopt the same policy. This is especially interesting since Pompeo and Trump failed to reap any benefit from it.

Pompeo once again explicitly admits that his country assassinated top Iranian military commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani. The significance of this part lies in the fact that it reveals the essence of the US administration’s foreign policy.

Truly, it is the strongest evidence for proving that the US government’s functions are based on destabilizing bids and terrorism. What matters is that Washington’s confession was made by a top American official who held the highest positions in both foreign policy and intelligence departments, and said the administration’s terrorist and destabilizing behaviors had been preplanned. As a striking example of state terrorism, their behavioral pattern is essentially rooted in various forms of terrorism.

Pompeo has practically unveiled the principles of US foreign policy that allow the Americans to implement their terrorist plots in any region or country unless a country enjoys high deterrent power through its military and intelligence apparatuses.

Pompeo’s words show that countries need to boost their deterrent powers by strengthening their defense and intelligence systems and not to be content with the smiles and promises of the White House’s diplomats.

Unfortunately, the international bodies have shown that they do not possess enough willpower to deal with the destabilizing behaviors of the US. To this day, the United States has not been legally prosecuted for its terrorist acts and warmongering policies at the international level.

For this reason and according to this significant confession, the Islamic Republic of Iran is free to take any deterring measure it deems expedient and necessary against the US to ensure its security and serve its national interests. How, when, or where to take such deterring measures will be decided by Iran.

The reason why Americans, specifically Pompeo and Trump, have been afraid in the last one or two years since Lieutenant General Soleimani’s assassination derives from the same right Iran reserves to take.


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