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Published: 0243 GMT July 02, 2022

Veteran artist Naami’s exhibition ranges from child-inspired works to memories of war

Veteran artist Naami’s exhibition ranges from child-inspired works to memories of war

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‘Overview of Iranian Modern Art/5’ exhibition, featuring artworks by Gholamhossein Naami, is on display at Tehran’s Aria Art Gallery.

The show features four periods of the artist’s which covers child- and war-inspired artworks.

Naami is one of the founders of the Association of Iranian Painters and served as the president of the body from 1998 to 2001. He is also one of the founders of Azad Group of Painters and Sculptors in 1974, and a member of the founding board of the Iranian Artists’ House.

Maryam Rahimi, the interior manager of Aria Art Gallery, explained this exhibition to our Iran Daily reporter: “It has been years that the gallery has been focusing on innovative and modern art under the framework of exhibition series of ‘Overview of Iranian Modern Art’.

Pointing out that the concept of such exhibitions is actually a review of the life of modern artists of the country, she explained, “These overviews are not limited to the display of artists’ oeuvres. They also feature information about the artist’s life in the form of documents.”

“If the artist is still alive and lives in Iran, there will be discussion sessions with him in the gallery and we will review his artistic life in the presence of the artist,” she added.

Rahimi added, four editions of these overviews have so far been held.

The preparations for holding this edition began at the end of 2019 when the coronavirus outbreak began, she said.

“Since the master has been abroad for the past two or three years, we could access up to 80 of his works kept at his house in Iran. Having been kept in his house's basement for a long time, some artworks had suffered damages. Finally, it was decided to display 60 of his artworks,” she explained.

Rahimi added, on the other hand, due to the artist’s physical condition and doctors’ advice, he was not allowed to fly to Iran. Thus, four online interviews were recorded and are on display at the exhibition.

One group of the displayed works are inspired by children when the artist was teaching them.

Some other works on display are related to the eight years of the Iraqi-imposed war (1980-1988), which are created using mud on canvas and three-dimensional works on canvas.

On war-inspired artworks, she said, these works were influenced by pressures and events of the war, explaining that the impacts of war are shown in the forms of piercing screams.

About the three-dimensional works, she explained that the master said that the idea of the formation of these works came accidentally to his mind. Once he leaned two canvases together and went outside to do something, and once he returned, he saw one of them fall on the other and form an interesting three-dimensional image.

The exhibition, ‘Overview of Iranian Modern Art/5,’ opened on June 27 and will be underway until July 8.



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