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Published: 0212 GMT July 03, 2022

Arab-Hebrew NATO: A political joke

Arab-Hebrew NATO: A political joke

Hassan Hanizadeh

Middle East affairs expert

The Israeli Defense Minister recently claimed that the Zionist regime and several Arab countries have joined a US-led air defense alliance aimed at countering the Islamic Republic of Iran. Benny Gantz, of course, did not name the allied Arab countries. Such statements and initiatives are essentially following the agenda of the so-called “Arab NATO”, drawn up eight years ago under the presidency of Donald Trump in the US, which predictably led to nowhere and never will.

The Zionist regime has been dealing with a political and social period of instability for three years, during which four parliamentary elections have been held and coalition cabinets have dissolved one after another.

Currently, Yair Lapid has taken over as Israel’s prime minister until the snap election in November, signaling the deepening of political instability. That is why Israeli officials have attempted to launch political and psychological PR campaigns to divert public opinion from their domestic predicaments. Similarly, when former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in office, several Arab countries were coerced to normalize their relations with the Zionist regime under the influence of Donald Trump’s lobbies. A political relationship, however, is between governments, and Arab nations do not accept the Zionist regime.

Countering Iran’s influence in the region has been declared the primary goal of Israel’s PR campaigns, and the meetings and consultations its officials hold with their Arab counterparts. Yet, these are nothing but empty advertising campaigns, since Arab nations and even many Arab states are not basically hostile toward Iran. No Arab country risks open hostility toward a powerhouse with historically considerable military, political, and economic capabilities. Case in point, Iran and Saudi Arabia are resuming their rapprochement talks, and Jordan’s foreign minister has openly declared that his country does not consider Iran to be its enemy.

Accordingly, the so-called “Arab-Hebrew NATO” project is not expected to be ever realized, just as Zionists have failed in their previous attempts at forging similar treaties over the past eight years. They have pinned their hopes on normalizing ties with some Arab countries, assuming that any country that joins the project of normalizing ties would simultaneously declare Iran as its main enemy. This is wishful thinking, to be sure. Accordingly, the Arab-Hebrew NATO project is more like a political joke than a powerful military alliance against the Islamic Republic of Iran.



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