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Published: 0307 GMT July 26, 2022

Art and society interactions at a glance

Art and society interactions at a glance

Behdad Najafi-Asadollahi Artist and art entrepreneur

Art is a means through which all people around the world are able to communicate with each other. Throughout the ages, human societies have gradually developed in various fields of art such as painting, sculpture, architecture, theater, music, and literature. Thus, the evolution of culture, thought and human societies have helped create new artistic fields such as film and photography.

In the last century, the development of human societies has not only had a significant impact on the nature of creating artworks, but also on the way artworks are displayed, transferred, published and republished. The transformations and their mutual effects on artistic activities created the era of contemporary art and the new artistic media.

Today’s artists must take advantage of the achievements of today’s advanced societies in various fields in order to improve the level of their artwork and their position. Among these influential factors are education, creativity, information and advertising, sale of artworks and, in a nutshell, all the aspects that directly and indirectly affect their personal and artistic life.

Human advancements have affected various artistic fields in different ways, for example, cinema has achieved major developments and changes due to the major impact of technology, but theater has largely preserved its originality and received the least effect of technology.

Some experts are of the idea that human development, especially in the field of technology, has had a meaningful impact on the increase and decrease in demand for some artistic fields.

Now the question is, “In what ways does art affect society?”

Attractiveness of the environment: Art has played a significant role in adding to the beauty of the settings in which people work and live. Thereby, it increases the work efficiency of people and their peace of mind at work.

Happiness and tenderness of life: Art has a significant positive effect on providing motivation, strengthening people’s morale, happiness and life satisfaction level in human societies. This is evident in the life of both artists and their audiences. Thus, engaging in artistic activities has reduced stress, an integral part of today’s modern life, and in general creates a more pleasant life for people.

Conveying feelings and thoughts: Art plays an incomparable role in expressing feelings and thoughts and generally all types of messages at both national and international levels. Many artworks effectively convey a message that would require several pages of writing or hours of speech. Verily, art has proven its effectiveness in various fields of culture, education, politics, and society.

The foremost influences of art on societies have helped reduce the governments’ spendings in various fields and increased motivation and dynamism in society. This not only justifies the investment of government institutions in art, but also proves its economic efficiency.  



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