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Published: 0411 GMT July 27, 2022

NDMO head: Developed states, Israel to blame for harming ‎environment ‎

NDMO head: Developed states, Israel to blame for harming ‎environment ‎

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The likes of the United States, France, Britain, China and even the Zionist regime have had the largest share in the emission of pollutants that are the main factors behind a large number of the destructive environmental phenomena, said the head of Iran’s National Disaster Management Organization (NDMO).

Mohammad-Hassan Nami made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, blaming humans’ industrial activities for the discharge of such pollutants.

He added that, at present, the world’s climate system is far different from what it was a century ago, noting that the human-caused climate changes are manifesting their impacts in each and every part of the Earth, preparing the ground for the more frequent occurrence of natural disasters.

Nami said the climate changes lead to the occurrence of destructive natural phenomena, such as flooding in West Asia, given the region’s characteristics.

Turning to recent flash floods in the southern Iranian provinces, the NDMO chief added as the heavy rainfall continues, the risk of inundation still threatens these areas.

He gave the assurance that all responsible domestic organizations, including those in charge of carrying out rescue and relief operations, are on full alert.

The official added all weather maps anticipate the possibility of further flooding in southern Iran, stressing that Iran Meteorological Organization has also issued flood warnings.

He listed the province at risk as Sistan and Baluchestan (southeastern Iran), Kerman (southeastern Iran), Hormuzgan (southern Iran) and Fars (southern Iran).

Nami added that to prevent natural disasters, such as flooding, and the consequent damages, related organizations and domestic technology-based firms are carrying out considerable research and studies.

Turning to a recent flash flood in Fars Province, he said sometimes the deluge happens very fast, surprising everyone.

In the recent deluge in Fars Province, the heavy rainfall led to the occurrence of the incident within 28 minutes, Nami noted.

He stressed that the flash flood occurred in the path of the Rodbal River, but as many had gathered on the river banks to enjoy nature, the deluge surprised them.

Flash floods in Fars Province on Friday killed 22 people.



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