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Published: 0325 GMT July 31, 2022

Israel afraid of Tehran-Ankara amity

Israel afraid of Tehran-Ankara amity

The Zionist regime does not approve of cordial relations between Iranian and Turkish officials and wants to recruit Turkey to oppose the Islamic Republic, said the director of Turkish Quds TV.

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Making the remark in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, Nureddin Shirin said that since the aligned measures by the two countries were very effective in restoring the rights of Palestinians, Israel is afraid that Iran and Turkey will forge closer ties.

He believes that this is why Israel has spared no effort to damage Tehran-Ankara ties, to no avail, of course.

“The recent trilateral Tehran summit between Turkey, Iran, and Russia centered on the Syrian issue showed that Turkey is not adhering to the anti-Iran policy of the Zionist regime and its main supporter, the U.S., and still stands arm in arm with Tehran,” maintained Shirin.

Fostering friendly relations between the two Islamic states benefits every Muslim, he stressed, adding that similarly, if anything were to harm their bilateral ties, the harm would come to the Muslim world and not just Turkey and Iran.

Shirin noted that former Turkish prime minister Necmettin Erbakan used to describe Iran and Turkey as two cores of the Muslim world and, thus, consider their alliance and solidarity important for Islam.

“We know this to be true from experience,” Shirin said, adding that the interests of the Muslim Ummah (nations) and the liberation of Al-Quds are dependent on the alliance and solidarity between the Turks and the Iranians.

To foil the plots and conspiracies of the enemies of Islam, the director of Quds TV advised Tehran and Ankara to develop their political, economic, and military cooperation.

Regarding some problems and disagreements between Iran and Turkey to be transitory, he hoped that the two would broaden their perspectives to focus on larger issues in the future, especially since their future seems intertwined on many levels.

Shirin said that Turkey, of course, cannot provide military support to Palestinians in the same way that Iran does because Ankara’s ties with Washington and European countries discourage it and Turkey’s domestic situation is not ripe for it either.

“However, Turkey’s officials have always promoted the rights of Palestinians and would continue to support them in economic, political, and social areas,” he added.

Lauding measures taken by the resistance front to advocate for Palestinians in the media, the Quds TV director considered the measures to be “good but not enough” and called for greater efforts in this field.

Nureddin Shirin praised the Islamic Republic of Iran for putting the Palestinian issue at the top of its international agenda and stopping at nothing to safeguard the rights of the Palestinians.



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