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Published: 0346 GMT August 01, 2022

Iran powerful enough to defend itself without nukes: AEOI

Iran powerful enough to defend itself without nukes: AEOI

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By Mostafa Shirmohammadi

Iran on Monday said its military might has made it pointless for the country to try to make an atomic bomb.

“Iran’s strategic potential and military power is deterrent enough to repel any foreign threats, thus rendering it pointless for the country to design and develop nuclear weapons,” Behrouz Kamalvandi, the spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) told Iran Daily.

The comments came hours after AEOI chief Mohammad Eslami was quoted by the media as saying that the Islamic Republic technical capability to build an atomic bomb but it does not have such an intention.

Kamalvandi said Eslami was “misunderstood and misjudged” by some media and what was attributed to him ran counter to Iran’s official line on the prohibition of weapons of mass destruction.

“The Leader’s fatwa (religious decree) clearly prohibits designing, developing and using an atomic bomb,” Kamalvandi said, adding that Iran seeks a nuke-free Middle East and believes Israel poses a real nuclear threat to the whole region and the world.

On July 20, Iran’s Foreign Ministry assured that there was "no change" in the country’s nuclear policy.

"On the issue of weapons of mass destruction, we have the fatwa of the Leader, which prohibits the production of such weapons,” ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani told reporters.

"Iran's nuclear capabilities are important, but as has been mentioned on numerous occasions, Iranian nuclear technology is entirely peaceful and subject to constant surveillance by the International Atomic Energy Agency," Kanaani added.











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