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Published: 0301 GMT August 09, 2022

Zionists failed in dividing resistance groups

Zionists failed in dividing resistance groups

Seyyed Reza Sadrol-Hosseini

Regional affairs expert

The Zionist regime’s recent attack on Gaza, which martyred 45 Palestinians including some children, was not a new occurrence as it proved the criminal nature of the regime once again. But I believe it entailed a huge failure for the Zionists.

By attacking Gaza, Tel Aviv was aiming to cause a rift between the resistance groups in Palestine and declare, so to speak, that it is at war with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement. In the end, however, Israel realized that it cannot even stand against the Islamic Jihad alone since its attack was met with a swift and decisive response from the resistance group, forcing Tel Aviv to solicit Egypt to mediate a cease-fire. Ultimately, Israel accepted the terms of the Palestinian group for the cease-fire.

The Zionist regime assumed that by causing a rift in the Palestinian resistance, it would deal a heavy blow to the Islamic Jihad and remove its threat. But the Islamic Jihad was ready and well-equipped to forcefully respond to the aggressors, proving that it is not dependent on the direct help of other Palestinian groups at this stage. Regardless, resistance movements from inside and outside of Palestine supported the Islamic Jihad movement.

Despite agreeing to the cease-fire, the regime attacked Nablus, killing three people and injuring 69 others. Immediately, the Fatah faction announced a national strike and mourning throughout the West Bank. Meanwhile, the Hamas spokesperson maintained that the Nablus’ battle has demonstrated that the Palestinians have rallied behind the resistance.

Therefore, Tel Aviv has failed in dividing the Palestinian resistance groups and now it must wait for the response of the Palestinians. Other resistance groups from outside Palestine have already condemned the crimes of the Zionist regime and pledged their support for the Palestinian struggle.

The current prime minister of the regime is following a partisan goal from these criminal activities. Lapid assumes that the attack can drum up support for his party in the upcoming parliamentary election, enabling him to form a cohesive government that may end years of political instability in Israel.

However, the facts on the battleground and the commentaries provided by some experts and media outlets show that Tel Aviv and specifically Lapid have gained nothing from the conflict in recent days. If anything, it once again humiliated the Zionist regime in front of the resistance groups as well as the global public opinion.



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