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Published: 0323 GMT August 12, 2022

West’s requiem for Ukraine and silent treatment of Gaza

West’s requiem for Ukraine and silent treatment of Gaza

Mostafa Shirmohammadi

A massive international outcry outside Europe over the discriminatory approach to the war in Ukraine and other similar events prompted the European Union's foreign policy chief to admit that the West has double standards. After the outbreak of the war, Western countries rushed to condemn “Russia's invasion” of Ukraine, delivered military and civilian aid, and let in Ukrainian refugees among other things. But the way they responded to the conflict and its consequences raised the question why the West does not take such measures to address a similar crisis outside Europe and never feels any humanitarian responsibility. The West’s “humane treatment” of Ukraine as opposed to their lack of care for wars in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine, and elsewhere, has come under the spotlight, particularly the policy under which the Europeans received Ukrainians displaced by the war immediately and with open arms but shut their borders to the refugees from non-European nations.

The Europeans’ discriminatory policies have come under harsh criticism in the wake of the Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip last week during which the regime killed 45 Palestinians including 15 children in cold blood. While Europeans keep up support for Ukraine, the Israeli massacre draws no reaction from them.    

The EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell appears to be unable to sensibly respond to such rebukes and has no way but to acknowledge that there are double standards when he speaks to Spanish-language newspaper El País.

In response to a question why unlike Ukraine, the EU has been much less assertive with the conflict in Gaza, Borrell said: “We are often criticized for having double standards. But international politics is largely the administration of double standards. We do not face all problems with the same criteria.”

He stresses that “the West has a moral imperative with Ukraine” but believes “resolving the situation of the people trapped in that open-air prison that is Gaza is not in the hands of the EU.”

Borrell describes the situation in Gaza as “scandalous” and a “shame” and notes: “There is no solution to the conflict in the Middle East without a very strong commitment on the part of the United States.”




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