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Published: 0334 GMT August 14, 2022

BDS slams West's double standards on wars in Ukraine, Gaza

BDS slams West's double standards on wars in Ukraine, Gaza

A global anti-Israel campaign slammed the West's double standard policies on wars in Ukraine and Gaza, saying the United States and Europe as well as the Arab countries that have normalized ties with Israel are complicit in the Tel Aviv regime's crimes against the Palestinian people.

In a Saturday statement, the Palestinian National Committee to Boycott Israel (BNC), which is the largest coalition of Palestinian political parties that leads the international pro-Palestine Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, called for escalation of popular resistance and campaigns to boycott the Israeli regime in response to its massacres and crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip, Press TV reported.

The statement added that in addition to the United States, Britain and the European Union, those Arab countries that normalized relations with the Tel Aviv regime are also complicit in Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people through their security-military alliances with Israel and their betrayal of the Palestinian cause.

Under circumstances that people in the Gaza Strip continue their valiant resistance against Israel's acts of aggression and systematic killing and injuring of hundreds of Palestinians, including children, the West and Arab coalition allows the regime to continue its crimes, it said.

The statement emphasized that the West's double standards in dealing with the military conflict in Ukraine and the brutal war waged by Israel in the Gaza Strip are painful and infuriating.

The occupying apartheid regime of Israeli has not only been made in the West but is still being armed, financed, and protected by Western states engulfed in neo-colonialism and old racism, especially the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union, it said.

It added that Israel's recent attack on Gaza was added to the unjust siege on the Palestinian people in the enclave that has been going on for 15 years.

Some international law experts believe that Israel's siege of Gaza is a precursor to genocide of a part of the Palestinian nation, the statement pointed out.

The statement came after European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Thursday admitted that the 27-nation bloc applies double standards when it comes to the wars in Ukraine and Israeli-occupied Palestine but said double standards permeate international relations anyway.




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