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Published: 0934 GMT August 16, 2022

Mehdishahr: A dream paradise in Semnan Province

Mehdishahr: A dream paradise in Semnan Province

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The city of Mehdishahr, also known as Sangsar, is located 20km from the center of the north-central Iranian province of Semnan. Numerous regions of the city are very familiar to tourists and nature lovers.

In addition to natural attractions, the city has a large number of historical monuments including several castles and historical mansions. In fact, Mehdishahr is regarded as a great travel destination in all seasons, especially in the summer, reported wrote.

The history of the city goes back to the pre-Islamic Period and even the Pishdadian Dynasty. Mehdishahr is bordered by the city of Semnan from the south, Mazandaran Province from the north, Firouzkuh from the west, and Damghan from the east.

A large number of mines are located in the area. However, Mehdishahr should be considered a completely mountainous region, which is located in the south of the Alborz Mountains.

The region has a variety of vegetation. If you move north from Shahmirzad, a town located 28km from Mehdishahr, you will see many needle-leaf trees, including juniper, cypress, and barberry.

The most important products of Mehdishahr include grains (wheat and barley), fodder (alfalfa), walnuts, plums, pomegranates, grapes and apricots.

Various animals including antelopes, deer, rams, sheep, leopards, cheetah, foxes, bears, boars, hyenas, wild cats, wolves, jackal and rabbits as well as birds such as partridges, eagles, falcons and vultures live in the region.


Handicrafts and souvenirs

Like other cities of the province, various types of handicrafts are being manufactured by the craftspeople of the city. Kilim-weaving, jajim-bafi (weaving a traditional Persian covering), ghalam-zani (the art of carving superb designs on various metals), shomareh-duzi (a type of embroidery) and pottery are among the main handicrafts of Mehdishahr. Mehdishahr has been registered as the National City of shomareh-duzi.

Dairy products such as curd and walnuts, pomegranates, plums and lavashak (dried slab of fruit) are among the most famous souvenirs of the city.


Must-see Places


Shahmirzad: Thousands of tourists travel to the city of Shahmirzad to see and enjoy its beautiful landscapes and towering trees.

Some agricultural and horticultural products of the city, including walnuts and plums, having international fame, are exported to foreign countries.

Apart from its pleasant climate, Shahmirzad is famous for having the world’s largest walnut garden, extending in an area of 750 hectares, with 30,000 trees.

Several historical monuments are located in the town including Shir Qale’h (Shir Castle), Sheikhi Qale’h (Sheikhi Castle) and Vahal Castle.

Molladeh: Molladeh village, situated 55km from Shahmirzad, has a mild climate in the spring and summer and is cold and snowy in the winter.

Ebrahim Khan Mansion is an old monument located in the village, consisting of two large buildings established in a beautiful garden.



Rudbarak Forest: The forest is located on the road from Shahmirzad to Foulad Mahalleh village, 84km northeast of Semnan.

The forest, which is located on the slope of a mountain, has a beautiful landscape. With towering oak and beech trees, it has cool and pleasant summers and snowy winters.

Due to having various plant species and its proximity to the Parvar Protected Area, various important animal species, including brown bears and goats as well birds such as partridges, cormorants, eagles, and vultures live in the forest.


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