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Published: 0209 GMT August 15, 2022

Ilkhanid city of Ojan excavated

Ilkhanid city of Ojan excavated

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The ancient city of Ojan was officially discovered in Iran’s northwestern province of East Azarbaijan after 10 years of excavation by a group of archaeologists from the University of Tehran.

Headed by Rahim Velayati, the group identified the city and unearthed a part of its citadel, according to IRNA.

A bustling city during the Seljuk and Ilkhanid eras, Ojan flourished during the reign of Ghazan Khan (1295 to 1304), who called it ‘The Territory of Islam’.

“We started investigating the region and conducting research in 2006,” said Velayati, adding that it took seven years to eventually locate the underground city using descriptions provided in historical and geographical texts.

As the summer capital of the Ilkhanid Dynasty, Ojan is expected to reveal extremely valuable lessons about the architecture and lifestyles of the Seljuk and Ilkhanid eras.

So far, several items and earthenware have been discovered in the excavated area including a broken Ilkhanid jug decorated with turquoise stones.

Velayati also reported the discovery of four Islamic cemeteries and two tomb towers left from those two bygone eras, as well as a dugout in the western part of Ojan that possibly served as a Buddhist cave temple.



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