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Published: 0215 GMT August 15, 2022

Envoy: U.S. sought to provoke conflict between Iran, Taliban after pullout

Envoy: U.S. sought to provoke conflict between Iran, Taliban after pullout

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Following its chaotic military withdrawal from Afghanistan, the United States made numerous bids to cause a conflict between Iran and the caretaker Taliban government.

Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, made the remark in a live televised interview on Sunday night ahead of the anniversary of the ‎completion of U.S. military pullout from Afghanistan, IRNA reported.

He added this was a very important issue and, thus, the Islamic Republic’s pivotal policy was focused on foiling such wicked U.S. plots.

Taking a glance at the movements along the common border, one can realize that extensive bids have been made in the U.S.-supported social media to spread Iranophobia in Afghanistan on the one hand and distort Afghans’ image in Iran on the other, the envoy said.

On the adverse impacts of U.S. presence in Afghanistan, Kazemi Qomi noted that Washington prevented the formation of a professional Afghan army ‎during its 20-year occupation of the country to justify its presence there‎.

He added ‎the Americans formed a government and army in Kabul that was fully dependent ‎on themselves. ‎

The United States occupied Afghanistan for two decades and pushed the country ‎toward devastation and destruction of its infrastructure, he said, regretting that the ‎Americans also slaughtered many Afghan people and formed a government that ‎was inefficient and financially corrupt.

He added although almost a year has elapsed since the U.S. troops’ withdrawal from ‎Afghanistan, Washington’s intelligence services are still operating in the country, ‎carrying out their destructive actions under different guises. ‎

Kazemi Qomi said during its occupation of Afghanistan, the United States was the ‎main factor behind a major part of the insecurity in the country, stressing that ‎Washington prepared the ground for the presence of terrorist groups in ‎Afghanistan. ‎

Blaming the United States for the rise in narcotics production in Afghanistan, he ‎noted that during the Americans’ occupation, Afghanistan’s annual narcotics ‎output reached 10,000 tons. ‎

The Iranian envoy emphasized that the Americans are selfish and have a sense of ‎superiority over others and, thus, they hardly ever consider others’ interests, which ‎was the case in Afghanistan. ‎

He said the United States was certainly defeated in Afghanistan due to various ‎reasons, noting that, for instance, it prevented the formation of resistance groups by ‎people in the country and turned a blind eye to the Afghan society’s norms and the ‎country’s national interests.

The United States planned to create chaos in Afghanistan in the aftermath of its ‎escape from the country, which was a preplanned scenario, Kazemi Qomi added, ‎saying this came as, Washington was holding peace negotiations in the Qatari ‎capital of Doha and beat the drum for the intra-Afghan talks. ‎

He warned that although the United States has been defeated in Afghanistan and ‎escaped from it, it has not let go of the country and is continuing its wickedness ‎from afar. ‎

In August 2021, the United States pulled out its last troops from Afghanistan ‎ending its 20-year occupation of the country. ‎

The United States and its allies speeded up their troops withdrawal from ‎Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of Kabul on August 15. ‎

Claiming to be in pursuit of Osama bin Laden, the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 ‎attacks, the U.S.-led military forces invaded Afghanistan and ousted the Taliban ‎within weeks of the terrorist attacks in 2001.

Over 2,400 U.S. troops were killed in Afghanistan over the past two decades, with ‎‎20,000 wounded, according to the Pentagon. Estimates show that over 66,000 ‎Afghan troops were also killed in this period, and over 2.7 million people had to ‎leave their homes.


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