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Published: 0238 GMT August 16, 2022

Imam Khomeini’s leadership reanimated the memory of Ashura

Imam Khomeini’s leadership reanimated the memory of Ashura

Ali Komsari

Religious affairs expert

Since the onset of the Islamic movement, Imam Khomeini stressed the need for holding spiritual and mourning gatherings in remembrance of Imam Hussein (PBUH), especially in the months of Muharram and Safar, as a means for the growth and expansion of the Islamic Revolution.

He also considered such essential gatherings as a basic pillar for acquiring knowledge about the ultimate goal of Islam and sought to implement reforms based on the principles of the pure and dynamic Islamic school of thought.

Imam Khomeini and his faithful followers had gained their social capital from keeping Muharram and Safar alive. It was an asset that proved to be effective in the development of spiritual and personal dimensions.

Moreover, these ceremonies also provide the transcendental perspectives into human life, the evolution of society, the establishment of a righteous Islamic government, and a greater role for justice.

Therefore, one of the main factors which played a greater role in the victory of the Islamic Revolution was the organization of mourning ceremonies in remembrance of Imam Hussein (PBUH). Such spiritual gatherings provided not only the main bases for promoting and elucidating the Islamic Revolution, but also boosted the revival of values.

Pointing to the significance of the subject, the late founder of the Islamic Republic once said that we are a nation that sweeps away all barriers and remove obstacles with great awareness and with the help of the flood of tears shed in remembrance of the Doyen of Martyrs. For this reason, Imam Khomeini did not evaluate sermons and speeches delivered in the month of Muharram only from the point of view of historical backgrounds and commemoration.

According to Imam Khomeini, raising the mourning flags of Karbala’s epic episode brings about the victory of the hosts of intellect over the hosts of ignorance, facilitates the triumph of Islamic governance over evil powers, and in this way justice also prevails over oppression.

He paid greater attention to shedding light on various dimensions of these mourning sessions for the public masses so they can overcome all hurdles and cross the boundaries of self-deception and ignorance.

Of course, these could be seen as the main part of these mourning ceremonies, from the Imam’s point of view, and this all should be in the service of political and social tasks. An all-out deep understanding of it can transform a person’s life and prepare him or her to face all hurdles and counter any vicissitudes.

This type of mourning will create movement instead of stagnation, and boost justice and the anti-oppression stance instead of isolation and compromise.

Given that reason, Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Khamenei stresses the need for presenting an authentic and correct account of the events at these gatherings in order to prevent distortions and distinguish the true from the false.

According to the Leader, scholars and people of insight must strive and undertake serious efforts to remove the veils of ignorance from Islamic society.

That is why the Imam has time and again called on the Islamic Ummah and Muslim scholars to play their historical role by dealing with the complex seditions of our time and prepare the groundwork for the formation of a new world order based on spiritual values and in accordance with divine religion.

All truth-seekers, Islamic Ummah, and oppressed people want to get rid of the tyrannical control institutionalized by the world’s aggressive powers.

Today, we stand in greater need of comprehending the philosophy of the Ashura uprising in order to confront inhumane regimes across the globe and their carnal-oriented social and political systems.

The promotion of Imam Hussein’s movement and the implementation of its teachings in all aspects to accomplish excellence in personal, social, political and civilized life are needed in order to boost the new horizons of political-divine life ahead. So we are obliged to choose the best solution and tread the right path.



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