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Published: 0255 GMT August 29, 2022

All should back the negotiating team

All should back the negotiating team

Abdolreza Faraji Rad

International affairs expert

The Vienna talks on the revival of the JCPOA are approaching the final stages, and a deal may be reached within the next few days. Iran’s former ambassador to Romania and Hungary Abdolreza Faraji Rad believes that all domestic groups must support the country’s negotiating team under the circumstances. He says that Israel’s acts of disruption will lead nowhere because Biden’s administration needs the agreement. The international affairs expert thinks that Iran has won good concessions in the negotiations, and the deal potentially lays the groundwork for an economic leap.


Naturally, every agreement has both its supporters and opponents. What should political actors and the media keep in mind when confronted with the possible deal to revive the JCPOA?

Reports suggest that the Iranian negotiating team has not lost anything or made any concession that jeopardizes the country’s national interests. On the contrary, it has won good concessions.

An agreement seems almost certain at this point, even though there still remain some kinks that can be ironed out in the talks. If Iranian political groups and media outlets stand in opposition to the negotiating team now, the other side would surely abuse it. The opponents of the Vienna talks should take into account that the aim of the negotiation was to strictly lift sanctions and let the U.S. return to the JCPOA.

The agreement would add to Iran’s geopolitical weight and maneuverability. So, it’s best that we all support it.


Some may compare the current Iranian negotiating team with the one from the previous government. Do you reckon that comparing would be constructive?

It’s definitely not constructive. I think both teams have performed their job and sought to advance Iran’s national interests within the confines of the Islamic establishment’s policies.

The current team has apparently been able to receive new guarantees that the agreement would last. I reckon that the talks will result in resolving the IAEA safeguards issues, resuming Iran’s oil exports and, more importantly, lifting sanctions imposed on Iran. The fact that Israeli officials have been openly worried over the past few days shows that Iran has won great concessions.


You mentioned the Israelis. Will they be successful in blocking the agreement?

The evidence indicates that their attempts are futile. Biden’s strategy against Iran was based on diplomacy. Some Arab countries and even American Republicans also tried to alter that strategy to no avail. The U.S. cannot afford yet another crisis, this time in West Asia. Plus, the nuclear deal will be a feather on the cap of Democrats in the coming elections.



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