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Published: 0326 GMT August 29, 2022

MP: Iran interested in friendly ties with all states, including Saudi Arabia

MP: Iran interested in friendly ties with all states, including Saudi Arabia

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Iran seeks to establish friendly relations with all countries, including Saudi Arabia, said an MP.

Making the remark in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, Ali Asghar Khani, the chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Research Committee, added that solving challenges in ties with neighbors and improving relations with them are the government’s top foreign policy priority.

He regretted that Saudi Arabian officials have failed to display good behavior toward the Islamic Republic and, at times, have even resorted to hostile approaches in ties with Tehran, saying this comes as Riyadh must understand that Iran is the only country in the region capable of assisting Saudi Arabia at any time, under any circumstances.

The lawmaker expressed hope that the Saudis would one day return to the right path, as was the case when Tehran and Riyadh had good relations with each other.

“We expect Saudi Arabia to help the two countries’ relations return to normal and become closer.”

Turning to the cruel sanctions on Iran, Khani said none of the neighbors play a major contributory role when it comes to the imposed sanctions, stressing that they have been enforced by the hegemonic states, with the United States in the lead, followed by a number of European countries that play pivotal roles in this regard.

He added, however, that some states perpetrate mischievous acts, due mainly to their knowing that the Islamic Republic is a major power in the region, which worries them.

On Iran-Saudi relations, the member of Parliament also noted that the Saudis’ position on Palestine has failed to be appropriate and in support of Palestinians’ rights as the kingdom established relations with the enemies of the Palestinian people.

The relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia can be much better than what it is now if Riyadh ceases to pursue the U.S.-designed policy of spreading Iranophobia in the region, he said.

The MP said although Iran undoubtedly wields special power in the region, it uses it to guarantee its own interests and security and not for posing threats to neighbors. 

Khani noted that in addition to seeking good relations with neighboring states, Iran is interested in ensuring security in the region.

He described the Iranian government’s foreign policy performance as almost successful and satisfactory.

The MP added that the government has managed to reduce the country’s foreign policy challenges and establish good relations with neighbors and other states, noting that it has also been successful in the talks on the revival of a 2015 nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and has managed to safeguard the national as well as the people’s interests.

He emphasized, however, that the government could have performed much better in terms of improving the domestic economy, which is very important and can impact people’s lives and livelihoods.

Khani called on the government’s economic team to work toward this goal with greater strength and determination.




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