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Published: 0312 GMT September 13, 2022

Iran’s SCO membership, defense shield against sanctions

Iran’s SCO membership, defense shield against sanctions

Nozar Shafiei

Political analyst

Iran’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization indicates the incumbent government’s active diplomacy for joining regional and international organizations and gives the country “institutional power”, meaning that new opportunities arise for it. Threats against the country are reduced when it joins an international and regional organization.

Consequently, Iran’s SCO membership will bring an abundance of political, economic and security opportunities for it. These opportunities will certainly help mitigate threats posed by the U.S. and other countries that intend to impose restrictions on Iran. It will also motivate other SCO member states to move from threats to cooperation. This will cause a large number of powerful and developing countries to inevitably bolster ties and cooperation with Iran.

Since globalization is a common phenomenon in the international arena, membership in regional and international organizations could favorably help countries enter the globalization process. From this point of view, and taking into account that Iran desires to integrate into the global economy, the SCO membership could pave the way for breaking down barriers to enter the global economy.

More importantly, Iran’s SCO membership could serve as a defense shield against intensified Western pressure in case the talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers collapse, possibly prompting the U.S. and its European allies to keep sanctions in place or impose new ones on the Islamic Republic.

In addition, given that Iran is constantly exposed to threats, its permanent membership in the SCO would considerably boost its security as other member states are committed to defend the Islamic Republic in the face of foreign menace. In the light of those commitments, Tehran can rely on a strong regional organization.

Therefore, Iran’s accession to the SCO, which is considered a significant achievement for the government of President Ebrahim Raeisi, will bring various political, economic and security benefits for the Iranian nation.



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