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Published: 0309 GMT September 28, 2022

Iran pounds terrorist bases in northern Iraq

Iran pounds terrorist bases in northern Iraq
The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) targets bases of terrorists in northern Iraq with precision missiles and combat drones on September 28, 2022.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Wednesday targeted bases of anti-Iran terrorists in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region, using precision-strike missiles and combat drones.

In a statement, the IRGC said its drone and missile units as well as the Ground Force, carried out a new round of anti-terror operations in the northern Iraqi Region on Wednesday, pounding the positions of separatist terror groups, including the Komala Party, reported.

The IRGC said it launched the operations after Iraqi Kurdish officials disregarded its warnings about “the need for putting an end to terrorist activities carried out by groups affiliated with the global arrogance in that area”.

The statement said despite the necessary warnings, the terror groups had kept trespassing on the Iranian territory and invading nearby border areas, including some bases and border police stations, and have backed recent riots in Iran.

The IRGC said it would release further details about the operations and extent of damage inflicted during the attacks.

Since September 24, the IRGC has been launching daily raids on terrorist positions holed up in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Following the first round of attacks, the Iranian military force said it gave a decisive response to the terrorists’ infiltration of the Iranian border and attacks on a number of security posts.

It said the IRGC took action after the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials failed to adopt an appropriate measure and did not pay due attention to numerous warnings against the deployment and activity of mercenaries and terrorists hostile toward the Islamic Republic.

The terrorists in northern Iraq are reported to have been largely involved in a series of deadly riots in Iran by sneaking armed elements and cashes of weapons to support groups of thugs behind violence in Iranian cities.

Exploiting protests over the recent death of an Iranian woman, known as Mahsa Amini, in police custody, rioters engaged in bloodshed, acts of vandalism, and desecration of Islamic sanctities inside Iran.

Iran has on countless occasions warned Iraq’s Kurdistan that it will not tolerate the presence and activities of terrorist groups along its northwestern borders, saying the country will give a decisive response should those areas become a hub of anti-Islamic Republic terrorists.

Back in May, the IRGC struck and demolished positions of terrorist groups operating near the country’s western borders in Iraq’s northern Kurdish regional capital of Erbil.

Also in September last year, the IRGC launched an attack in northern Iraq, where it destroyed four bases belonging to hostile groups.


IRGC ultimatum


In remarks on Monday, Brigadier General Abbas Nilforoushan, the IRGC’s deputy chief for operations, warned that the elite force will target the origin of any operation against the country wherever it may be, Press TV wrote.

He made the remarks in an interview with Iran’s Arabic-language television news network Al-Alam TV after the IRGC pounded positions of terrorists in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

“We will target the counter-revolution [elements] wherever they create a stronghold, become the origin of operations against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and direct and lead terrorist movements,” Nilforoushan said.

He said Iran would never allow the emergence of any threat near its borders, adding that the recent artillery and drone attacks on Iraq’s Kurdistan Region were carried out as part of the same strategic approach.

According to the general, those bases played the biggest role in the recent riots in Iran, which came after Amini’s death.

He added the IRGC attacks were a “legitimate defense” and that Iran had previously declared that it would respond to such threats decisively.





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