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Published: 0940 GMT October 01, 2022
Khalkhal: A tourist destination in Ardebil Province

Aznav hosting nature lovers every year

Aznav hosting nature lovers every year

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Sprawling on a high, windswept plateau, the northwestern province of Ardebil is well-known for having lush natural beauties, hospitable people, and a tradition of silk and carpet trade.

Very cold in winter and mild in summer, the province attracts thousands every year. The capital city of Ardebil is usually recorded as one of the coldest cities in the country in winter, reported.

Khalkhal, the third largest city of Ardebil Province, is neighbor to Gilan, Zanjan and East Azarbaijan provinces, ensuring a favorable condition for tourism investment.

The climate of the city is very cold in its eastern parts and moderate in the north and south. Talesh Mountain extends from eastern Khalkhal southward as a barrier between the Caspian Sea and Gilan and Azarbaijan provinces, causing less annual precipitation in the western side, compared to that of the eastern side, with poor vegetation.

There are two important and busy routes which allow travelers to not only pass through Khalkhal and enjoy its attractions, but also to visit other tourist destinations of Ardebil Province.

The people from the center or northern part of the country, who are willing to visit Ardebil Province, can choose Sarcham-Ardebil, or Asalem-Khalkhal roads, stay in Khalkhal for a while and enjoy its beauties.

The road that begins from Asalem in Gilan Province and reaches Khalkhal is one of the most mesmerizing roads of Iran, especially in the summer.

Aznav is an exemplary tourist site of the region, having a spring full of water with the same name.

A mountain and numerous gardens have added to the beauties of the site, welcoming a huge number of nature lovers from across the country every year, especially in the spring and summer.

With five large and small natural caves, Aznav Mountain has provided a very suitable habitat for various kinds of wild animals and birds, including wild goats and partridges.

A large number of tourism projects are being implemented in Aznav, located five kilometers from Khalkhal, which has attracted the attention of investors in recent years.

A hotel, suspended bridge and tourism complex is under construction to make the region a tourism hub.

About 50 percent of the tourism villages of Ardebil Province are situated in Khalkhal. The city was selected as a pilot area for implementing ecotourism projects in Ardebil Province.


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