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Published: 0359 GMT October 07, 2022

Iran’s forensic organization confirms Amini’s death not due to alleged battery

Iran’s forensic organization confirms Amini’s death not due to alleged battery

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The Iranian forensic medicine organization issued its final statement on the death of 22-year-old girl Mahsa Amini, confirming that her death has not been a result of alleged blows to the head or vital organs.

The Iranian Legal Medicine Organization said on Friday the conclusion was reached following the examination of the deceased’s brain and lung CT scans, as well as her corpse, and based on the results of her autopsy and pathology, Tasnim News Agency reported.

It added Amini had undergone a craniopharyngioma surgery at Milad Hospital in Tehran in 2010 to remove a brain tumor.

According to the statement, due to her underlying disease, the deceased was on medication, taking hydrocortisone, levothyroxine and desmopressin.

It added that Amini died in the wake of multiple organ failure (MOF) after cerebral hypoxia.


17 armed rebels arrested


In remarks on Friday, Iranian Police Chief Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari said the investigations of Amini’s death showed that she had not been beaten by the country’s morality police, ISNA reported.

Blaming the enemies for the deadly riots that erupted following Amini’s death, he noted that those who were murdered in the recent unrest were either not in the venue of the protests, or killed by weapons that are not among those used by the country’s security forces.

He stressed that the enemies seek to compromise Iran’s peace and security as was witnessed in the recent developments.

Brigadier General Ashtari emphasized that the Iranian police and security forces’ responsibility is ensuring peace and security in the country and at the boarders.

Expressing deep regret over Amini’s death, he said the country’s police will not tolerate bids by rioters to compromise people’s security.

“Protecting the properties of the people and government is our responsibility. We are standing by the people and are for the people.”

He said the police will not allow some individuals, who pursue certain objectives and are led from abroad by mainly the United States and Israel to disturb Iranian people’s peace and calm, which is a red line.

Brigadier General Ashtari said during the riots over the past days, 17 individuals were arrested who had firearms, stressing that they sought to incite riots.




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