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Published: 0400 GMT October 07, 2022

French spies admit attempts to incite riots in Iran

French spies admit attempts to incite riots in Iran

Two French spies arrested in Iran some four months ago admitted to their attempts to provoke anti-government protests and riots with the ultimate goal of putting pressure on the country’s Islamic Establishment.

The two French nationals, Cécile Kohler, 37, and Jacqeus Paris, 69, traveled to Iran on April 28 as tourists but turned out to be spies for Western agencies, Press TV wrote.

In a video aired on Iran’s Arabic-language television news network Al-Alam TV on Thursday, Kohler admitted to being an agent of the French General Directorate for External Security (DGSE), which is equivalent to the British MI6 and the American CIA.

According to the other spy, who was also shown in the video, the DGSE’s objective was to “put pressure on the Iranian government”.




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