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Published: 0358 GMT November 12, 2022

MP: Enemy seeks to divide Iran behind the scenes of riots

MP: Enemy seeks to divide Iran behind the scenes of riots

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The enemy is cherishing the dream of dividing Iran behind the scenes of instigating riots in the country, said an MP.

“This is a pipedream that will not be realized, added Mohammad-Hassan Asafari, the vice chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Internal Affairs and Councils Committee, in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily.

He said dividing the country has been among the objectives pursued by the enemies ever since the Islamic Republic’s establishment, as they are incapable of confronting a united and powerful Iran.

The lawmaker added this comes as, on the other hand, arrogant powers are well aware of Iran’s rich natural resources and, thus, seek to sow discord among Iranian ethnic groups to prepare the ground for dividing the country, presence of their elements on its soil and plundering the nation’s wealth.

He warned that the enemy should know Iran is a united country and all Iranian ethnic groups are standing by one another, rejecting rumors of alleged differences, disputes and ethnic issues as a propaganda campaign by foreign media that, by resorting to such baseless reports, seek to demonstrate that the country has a complicated situation.

The parliamentarian called on independent media to refrain from adding fuel to the fire of such reports that seek to prepare the ground for further discord in the country and, through providing people with valid and correct information, make them aware of the enemy’s true intentions and objectives behind its support for the riots.

Asafari said part of the demands raised by the people during the protests were rightful, particularly those pertaining to the country’s economic situation, employment, high prices and inflation.

Therefore, the government and officials should join hands and be responsive in order to prepare the ground for meeting such public demands, he added.

The MP regretted that in some cases, it was seen that people’s protests in some areas, despite being legal, were derailed and turned into chaos and riots under the influence of and directed by foreign elements, who seek to prevent the government from working out correct and logical solutions for the problems and responding to the people’s demands.

As a consequence of the enemies’ abuse of the protests in Iran, insecurity has been caused in parts of the country and some of the police and volunteer Basij forces, and, on some occasions, the people themselves were targeted by the foes and killed, said the lawmaker.

He called on the country’s responsible authorities and apparatuses to prevent the protests from turning into social and security crises.




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