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Published: 0349 GMT November 19, 2022

Children need prenatal love, care and support

Children need prenatal love, care and support

Avisa Beheshti

Guest contributor

What children usually dream about are eating yummy food, getting fancy toys and wearing new elegant clothes. These are supremely fantastic but not enough. Children also need constant attention. As a matter of fact, young children will feel lonely and might show little respect for their parents if they do not receive enough attention. Parents should devote sustained attention to their children so that the kid does not only know them as parents, but also considers them as his/her friends.

The world of children is different from those of grownups. Anyone who wants to have a child, adopt a child from a foster home, or those who make decisions for them, i.e., education authorities and teachers, should be familiar with this world. This means that they need to see the world from the child’s point of view.

I hope all children have a good time on Children’s Day.

Happy Children’s Day!



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