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Published: 1144 GMT December 08, 2014

Left-handed people earn less than right-handed

Left-handed people earn less than right-handed

According to a new study by Joshua Goodman of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, left-handed people earn up to 12 percent less than right-handed people.

Goodman analyzed three American surveys with data from the 1970s to today and two British surveys. The surveys covered a range of data, including the people's dominant hand, their income and level of education, UPI reported.

He found lefties earn "10–12 percent lower annual earnings than righties, roughly equivalent to the return to a year of schooling in these samples," the study said.

Goodman also claims lefties have more behavioral and emotional problems and typically "work in

occupations requiring less cognitive skill." He asserts left-handedness is also associated with lower birth rate and other prenatal issues, so that may cause developmental problems for some.

"My study found that that differential brain wiring may affect the way people process language. And that seems to have a little effect on math scores, reading scores, and earnings later in life," Goodman told

The study is published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

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