An annual assessment might be in order now that the world has seen one year of Biden in the White House. How has he fared domestically and globally? What are the challenges ahead of him? To answer these questions, Iran Daily conducted an exclusive interview with Amir Ali Abolfath, an expert in US affairs, based in Tehran. Abolfath argues that Biden has set a weak presidential record so far, though not entirely out of his own fault.
Polarized American society warrants caution of another civil war
Despite warning by Russia, the US sent its first shipment of $200 million military support package for Ukraine amid tensions between Moscow and the West.
West sending military aid to Ukraine despite Russia warning
A draft executive order written by Donald Trump's White House in the weeks after his defeat in the 2020 election directed the nation's top military leader to seize voting machines, a report said.
Trump told Pentagon to seize voting machines after poll defeat: Report
Near the height of the war against the Daesh terrorist group in Syria, a sudden riot of explosions rocked the country’s largest dam, a towering, 18-story structure on the Euphrates River that held back a 25-mile-long reservoir above a valley where hundreds of thousands of people lived.
U.S. bombed Syria dam on ‘no-strike’ list
Aid agencies have warned that the possible US designation of Yemen's Ansarullah movement as a "terrorist group" could further deteriorate the already dire humanitarian situation and hinder assistance efforts in the war-torn country.
Aid groups warn US against blacklisting Yemen’s Ansarullah
U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration seems to be embroiled in too many crises, small and large, both domestically and overseas, which, compounded by an adversarial (if not outright antagonistic) GOP in the Congress, might keep him from making any meaningful, let alone substantial change. Iran Daily asked Peter Kuznick*, a professor of history, does Biden have the political intention, will or capital to meaningfully reverse anything which needs be reversed for the benefit of Americans?
America’s unipolarity train has left the station
The top diplomats from Russia and the US described their talks in Geneva on Friday as "useful" and left the door open for further meetings in the coming weeks.
US to respond to Russia's demands over Ukraine next week
Peter Kuznick*, a professor of history, once talked about the U.S. need “to fundamentally reverse its policies at home and abroad” for the benefit of Americans. Iran Daily asked him to elaborate on the reversals he has in mind?
U.S. facing several crises requiring a reversal of policy

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