Construction of buildings and skyscrapers is a job that often takes months, if not years – but not for this construction company in Changsha, China. Broad Group, a Chinese enterprise that has many verticals, one of which is sustainable development, created a splash on the Internet by building a 10-storey residential building in a little over a day – 28 hours and 45 minutes, to be precise.
This 10-storey building constructed in just over a day
A seemingly simple maths equation has left the Internet completely divided.
Simple maths question so divisive it has even confused calculators
It appears not everyone struggled to kill time during lockdown. There were people who used it to let their imagination fly and creativity take shape. In northwest England, a woman used the ample free time in her hands to completely transform her dull kitchen. Billie Jo Welsby used thousands of 1p coins to decorate parts of the walls of her kitchen, which now twinkle and glitter even if a hint of light enters the area. Welsby shared a number of photographs on Facebook of the decorated kitchen as well as how it looked before she ramped it up, wrote.
Woman transforms kitchen with 7,500 coins during lockdown
People have been baffled by the sight of what appeared to be a floating city off the south coast of England.
Mysterious 'floating city' baffles viewers as buildings appear in middle of ocean
Man, who doesn’t like vanilla ice cream. Some might say it’s a boring flavor, but sometimes the simplest things just are the best.
Scientists can now make vanilla flavoring out of old plastic bottles
Think your job sucks? Just be glad you don’t belong to one of these ancient professions. It’s not that farfetched to think that in the future most current jobs might not exist. Advancing technology is making more and more professions – especially manual jobs – basically redundant. But that’s just the way it goes, because it’s nothing new for some jobs to disappear as society moves forward. Sometimes, though, it’s for the better. Before machinery, people had some utterly bizarre jobs because they simply needed to get done. Here are some of the strangest jobs in history that have fallen by the wayside, wrote.
Four of history’s weirdest jobs
The coelacanth – a giant weird fish still around from dinosaur times – can live for 100 years, a new study found.
Weird 'living fossil' fish lives 100 years, pregnant for five
Gemstones that sparked a diamond rush to eastern South Africa last week have turned out to be just quartz, according to preliminary findings.
Mysterious gemstones sparked a 'diamond rush' turns out to be just quartz
Two brothers from San Francisco said they have set a record for the longest highline ever walked in both Yosemite National Park and California, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.
Brothers set record crossing large gap in park on a highline
A Malaysian athlete broke the Guinness World Record for the highest standing jump on one leg when he managed a vertical leap of four feet, 6.49 inches.
Man makes four-foot, 6.49-inch standing high jump on one leg for world record

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