A university in the UK suspended its English literature course, after a government crackdown on perceived "low value" degrees.
UK university drops English literature course ‘because graduates struggle to get highly paid jobs’
The Islamic Republic of Iran will set up a pavilion at the JATA Tourism Expo Japan, which will be held in Tokyo from September 22 to 25.
Iran to take part at JATA Tourism Expo Japan
The splendor of the Sassanid Period (224-651 CE) is reflected in the grand palaces that have survived, in whole or in part, at Ctesiphon in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and at Firuzabad and Bishapur in Iran. These palaces are characterized by ivans, great halls with barrel-vaulted roofs, introduced during the Parthian Period but by now reaching massive proportions.
Architectural splendor in Sassanid Era
Danish Queen Margrethe II and German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck inaugurated a new museum dedicated to refugees who have made the Nordic country home.
Denmark opens Flugt refugee museum

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