Lavashak or Persian fruit leather is one of Iranians’ favorite snacks. It is a thin layer of dried fruit extract with a sour and salty taste. Iranians love foods that have a rich taste, whether it’s a sweet taste as you can see in most Persian pastries or rich sour taste like pickled vegetables or qaraqoroot (that literally means black curd and is a kind of dairy). Persian fruit leather is a fruit roll with a rich sour and salty taste. Here is all you need to know about this delicious treat, wrote.
Lavashak, an Iranian favorite snack
A 3,600-year-old tablet showing part of the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ will be formally handed back to Iraq by the US on Thursday.
US to formally return ‘Gilgamesh Dream Tablet’ to Iraq
The Contemporary Iranian Cinema Days in Armenia is scheduled to start in Yerevan on September 23.
Contemporary Iranian Cinema Days in Armenia to start
The Iranian animation, ‘Sky Sun, Tile Sun,’ directed by Ziba Arzhang, won the Children’s Jury Award for Best Animation at the 27th International Film Festival Golden Beggar in Slovakia.
Iranian animation ‘Sky Sun, Tile Sun’ awarded in Slovakia
Although the pandemic has pole-axed many independent distributors, some like Alexandre Mallet-Guy at Paris-based Memento Distribution managed to weather the storm.
Amazon Studios is placing Farhadi’s ‘A Hero’ in Awards Season in three categories
An exhibition titled, ‘Urban Art,’ featuring a collection of street art, murals, and urban sculptures of Iran’s capital Tehran, kicked off in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.
Tehran’s urban arts and culture on display in Brazil
A mud volcano is a fascinating and rare natural phenomenon that often occurs in coastal areas. They are often found in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. This phenomenon is mainly active in different seasons, especially during the rainy ones.
Mud volcano of southeastern Iran, a natural phenomenon attracts tourists
Masoudieh Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces dating back to Qajar Era (1794 to 1925). Because of its rich history and amazing architecture style, the palace is a popular touristic spot and an important historical site in Tehran.
Masoudieh Palace, a magnificent monument in heart of Tehran

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