Crisper, more flavorful and easier to eat than other cucumber varieties, the pint-sized Persian cucumber is what your summer salads and salsas have been waiting for. As the name implies, Persian cucumbers are a type of cucumber that originated in Persia (modern-day Iran). They are smaller than many other varieties, at just four to six inches long, and are prized for their thin skin and lack of seeds, both of which make them much simpler to eat, without the need for peeling or removal of pips. They are often referred to as a ‘burpless’ cucumber, because they are so easy to digest, and don’t make you burp like other cucumbers can, wrote
Persian cucumbers: Prized for being crisper, tastier than other varieties
The Iranian students ranked first in the team category of the International Olympiad in mental arithmetic (WAMAS 2021).
Iran’s students team ranks 1st at int'l arithmetic Olympiad
A sedan car jointly manufactured by Iran and Azerbaijan was unveiled in Baku on Thursday by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.
Iran-Azerbaijan jointly produced car unveiled in Baku by President Aliyev
Iran’s telecoms minister said two major internet companies from Russia and China cancelled plans to come to Iran in mid-2020s mainly over fears that the presence could have affected their interests in the United States.
Chinese, Russian internet giants dodged Iran because of fears from US sanctions: Minister
Iran has launched a new project to produce 50,000 tons of copper cathodes a year, using bioleaching technology which the plant's CEO calls revolutionary.
Iran opens 50,000-ton copper cathodes project
Singapore researchers have developed a smart foam material that allows robots to sense nearby objects, and repairs itself when damaged, just like human skin.
Singapore researchers design smart foam material that gives robotic hand ability to self-repair
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani highlighted his administration’s performance in the energy industry, saying that natural gas has been supplied to 95 percent of the population across the country.
Natural gas availability in Iran hits 95%: President Rouhani
The Iranian government has adopted a major legislation allowing the renationalization of the infrastructure used for delivery of fixed internet services in the country.
Iran’s fixed internet infrastructure back into government ownership

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