The death toll from the recent floods in Iranian provinces has risen to 76 as the search continues to find missing people, said the head of the National Disaster Management Organization (NDMO).
NDMO: Flood death toll reaches 76 as search continues for missing people
IRCS: Flooding death toll rises to 61
National Desk
Raeisi: Rescue work continuing at full strength to assist flood-hit people
MacEwan University historian Aidan Forth:
By Mohammad Memarian
Refugee camps remain a racialized technology of social, military control
Thus spoke the artist:
We all may be familiar with the stereotypical ‘desperate artist’, who will go to any lengths necessary just to make something out of an unfinished painting. As Francis Bacon argued, “feelings of desperation and unhappiness” will, in the end, serve the struggling artist better, since they “stretch [their] whole sensibility.”
I want to get as close to reality as possible
On war and wounds that defy healing:
By Mohammad Memarian
‘We are still in much pain’

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