A group of eager beavers shut down Internet service in a western Canadian town over the weekend after they chewed through fiber cables and used them to build their home.
Beavers shut down Internet for 36 hours after chewing through and stealing cables to build a dam
A busy commuter train station is an unlikely place to find a haven for flowers, bees and hedgehogs.
In London, rail-side gardening blossoms during pandemic
Coming off an epic performance in Super Bowl LV, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end the National Football League (NFL) star Rob Gronkowski pulled off an incredible, record-breaking catch at his alma mater’s spring game earlier this week, foxnews.com wrote on Monday.
US NFL star catches football dropped 600 feet out of helicopter, sets world record
Turkmenistan marked a new holiday on Sunday dedicated to its national Alabai dog breed, to which its leader has already erected a gilded monument and written an ode.
A statue, an ode, and now a national holiday for Turkmenistan dog breed
A fight over the name of Josh drew a crowd from around the country to a park in the US state of Nebraska for a heated pool-noodle brawl.
Hundreds show up in US park for fun fight over name Josh
Sasho Gjorgjievski, a veterinarian who delivered the deformed calf said the animal's organs and vital signs are all functioning well.
Mutant cow born with two heads seen walking, drinking milk after defying all odds
Spring is here and summer is on its way, and for lots of people, that means planting season. Here are a bunch of fun plant facts for this growing season.
Fun plant facts for this spring season
Primary school students have left people in stitches with their hilarious responses to being asked ‘What would you do as president of the world?’.
Teacher in hysterics after asking kids their plans if they were world president
After Shavkat Mirziyoyev became the head of state in Uzbekistan, during a new stage of development, he began to pay special attention to the development of a strong civil society. The process of radical reforms has embraced all spheres of the social and political life of society.
Role of President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in shaping a strong civil society

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