Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for an end to US sanctions against Cuba as he concluded a migration-themed tour of Central America and the Caribbean.
Mexican president presses for end to US sanctions on Cuba
Rutgers University economist Hugh Rockoff:
America’s many roads to war
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un repeated his warning that Pyongyang could "preemptively" use its nuclear weaponry to counter hostile forces.
North Korea leader warns of 'preemptive' use of nukes
More than one million people have been evacuated from Ukraine into Russia since Feb. 24, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in remarks published early on Saturday.
More than one million people evacuated from Ukraine to Russia since Feb. 24: Lavrov
Iran's top security official said International Quds Day has succeeded in defeating the enemy's cognitive warfare, saying the sound of “breaking international Zionism's bones” can be heard loudly.
Sound of breaking bones of international Zionism can be heard loudly: SNSC chief
Iran’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations said the international financial and trade system is now, more than ever, facing different challenges due to unilateralism.
Iran’s UN envoy: Intl. financial system facing challenges due to unilateralism
Russia warned the United States against sending more weapons to Ukraine, saying the delivery of arms supplies is “pouring oil on the flames”.
Russia warns US against sending more arms to Ukraine
The United States, as well as the Taliban authorities, is contributing to the suffering of women in Afghanistan through asset freezes, U.N. independent experts said on Monday.
U.S. asset freezes worsen Afghan women’s suffering: U.N. experts

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