Imagine doing a spacewalk. While that is enough of an achievement, how about doing another spacewalk more than 15 years later?
Japanese astronaut breaks record after 15-year gap between spacewalks
There are three possible explanations. Fat cats are cute, but not every cat that looks like it has a big belly is overweight. Although the part of a cat's underside that swings when it walks may look like a paunch, it's actually not a tummy at all. So what is it?
Why do cats have belly 'pouches'?
A man from the northwestern US state of Idaho said he had to grow out his fingernails to recapture a Guinness World Record for stacking wet bars of soup.
Idaho man stacks 34 bars of wet soap for Guinness World Record
Thought British road laws were strange? Wait until you see some of the bizarre rules other countries have – including in the US, where in Alabama driving your car while wearing a blindfold is banned, surprisingly.
Strangest driving laws from around world
On Saturday afternoon, James broke the record finishing his 80th set in 24 hours.
Musician sets new Guinness World Record; 80 shows in 24 hours
It might be quicker than we originally believed, but it's a logistical nightmare. From our vantage point on Earth, the Moon looks small. But if you were to hop in a spaceship, don a spacesuit and go on an epic lunar hike, how long would it take to walk all the way around it?
How long would it take to walk around Moon?
When a hunter took a slain alligator be turned in to sausages, he had no idea he would solve a two-decade mystery.
Monster 12ft alligator caught before body is sliced open to solve 20-year mystery
By the light of a full Moon Colin Keelty saw something so terrifying that it changed his life.
Man's 30-year werewolf hunt after scary run in with 'car-sized dog with human face’

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