The 6th Iran-China Cultural Dialogue will be held online to review the cultural dimensions of multilateralism in the two great civilizations, announced the head of the Center for Strategic Studies on Cultural Relations affiliated to the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO).
Tehran to hold 6th Iran-China Cultural Dialogue webinar
The Iranian debut feature, ‘Zalava,’ directed by Arsalan Amiri, received the International Film Critics’ Week Grand Prize along with the section’s dedicated FIPRESCI Award.
Iran’s ‘Zalava’ comes out on top in Venice’s Int’l Film Critics’ Week
Crisper, more flavorful and easier to eat than other cucumber varieties, the pint-sized Persian cucumber is what your summer salads and salsas have been waiting for. As the name implies, Persian cucumbers are a type of cucumber that originated in Persia (modern-day Iran). They are smaller than many other varieties, at just four to six inches long, and are prized for their thin skin and lack of seeds, both of which make them much simpler to eat, without the need for peeling or removal of pips. They are often referred to as a ‘burpless’ cucumber, because they are so easy to digest, and don’t make you burp like other cucumbers can, wrote
Persian cucumbers: Prized for being crisper, tastier than other varieties
By Esther*
Yazd: Charming desert city
Golfers are forever trying to avoid everything from bunkers, the rough and water to other players’ putting lines. In Lincolnshire the hazard was almost an incredibly rare telephone box-sized early Bronze Age coffin.
Details revealed of rare Bronze Age coffin found in UK golf course pond

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