Britain’s ruling Conservative Party lost control of Wandsworth, a longtime London stronghold, for the first time in 44 years, adding to the pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
UK Conservatives suffer local election losses
By Seyyed Jalal Sadatian*
Macron has difficult way ahead
Iran’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations said the international financial and trade system is now, more than ever, facing different challenges due to unilateralism.
Iran’s UN envoy: Intl. financial system facing challenges due to unilateralism
British lawmakers headed back to their constituencies across the country Thursday at the end of a parliamentary year overshadowed by scandal.
Britain’s parliamentary term ends in acrimony, scandal
'More than 3,000 lost in sea crossings to Europe in 2021'
UNHCR appeals for urgent action amid soaring deaths at sea
Moscow says it hit U.S., European weapons in missile strike in Ukraine
Russia warns UK it could launch military strikes on British soil
Spain's intelligence service CNI had court approval to spy on Catalan separatist figures, the El Pais newspaper said Tuesday citing sources close to the agency.
Spanish intelligence spied on Catalan separatists with court approval: Report
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned about a "real" danger of World War III breaking out as 40 countries prepared to meet in Germany to bolster Ukraine's military.
Russia warns of World War III amid Western arms supply to Ukraine
Russia warned the United States against sending more weapons to Ukraine, saying the delivery of arms supplies is “pouring oil on the flames”.
Russia warns US against sending more arms to Ukraine
Two people were shot dead by police in Paris, hours after President Emmanuel Macron’s re-election.
Paris police shoot two people dead in night of unrest after Macron win

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