Cuisine, in terms of both the preparation of food and the social aspects of dining, is an essential part of any culture. Indeed, some fundamental aspects of a culture may be more readily apparent in its culinary arts than in other traditions. Certainly, many observations that might be made about food in Iran reinforce those that can be deduced from other facets of its culture.
Cuisine and culture in Iran
The Iranian film ‘Gallu’ was awarded at the Vanilla Palm Film Festival & Art Competition in the US.
Iran’s ‘Gallu’ grabs award at US Vanilla festival
For about 250 years, from 550 to 300 BCE, Iran was ruled by the Achaemenid Dynasty, named after its eponymous founder Achaemenes. A number of the Achaemenid kings were great builders, starting with Cyrus. He established his capital city at Pasargadae in Fars Province, where he built several palaces and laid out splendid gardens, often interpreted as early evidence for the classic chahar bagh form of the Persian garden. It is not impossible that it was Cyrus who initiated the building program at Persepolis, but the credit for this is usually given to Darius. He and Xerxes were responsible for most of the building work at the site.
Art and architecture in ancient Persia
Iranian filmmaker Ida Panahandeh will hold a masterclass on June 1, on the sidelines of the 8th Iranian Film Festival of Zurich (IFFZ) in Switzerland.
Iran’s helmer Panahandeh to hold masterclass in Zurich

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