At first glance, the round black pellets could easily be mistaken for animal dung. But these hardy little balls contain acacia seeds that are helping regrow Kenya's depleted forests.
Simple 'seedballs' giving Kenya's forests a helping hand
A “pellet” found in a plesiosaur fossil unearthed in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, indicates the prehistoric creature regurgitated indigestible parts of its prey, much like modern birds and alligators do, a team of researchers said.
Plesiosaur fossil suggests it regurgitated inedible parts
When a major hurricane, extreme heat or other climate threat devastates an ocean’s lifeblood, its recovery could be aided by the presence of sharks.
Sharks can help marine ecosystems survive effects of climate change, study finds
Based on a manual recently discovered in a 3,500-year-old medical papyrus, University of Copenhagen Egyptologist Sofie Schiødt has been able to help reconstruct the embalming process used to prepare ancient Egyptians for the afterlife. It is the oldest surviving manual on mummification yet discovered.
Ancient Egyptian manual reveals new details about mummification
Pledges made so far under the 2015 Paris accord would deliver less than a 1% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 — a fraction of the 45% cut needed to avert catastrophic climate change, according to a UN report.
Existing emissions pledges barely scratch climate targets, UN tally finds
How a single cell slime mold makes smart decisions without a central nervous system.
Memory without a brain: How a single cell slime mold makes smart decisions
An iceberg nearly as big as London has broken off an ice shelf in Antarctica.
Iceberg almost as big as London breaks away near Britain research station
Seismologists at Caltech working with optics experts at Google have developed a method to use existing underwater telecommunication cables to detect earthquakes. The technique could lead to improved earthquake and tsunami warning systems around the world.
Using deep-sea fiber optic cables to detect earthquakes
Npower has permanently withdrawn its mobile app after hackers used it to access its customers’ personal details, including the sort codes and the last four digits of their bank accounts.
Npower withdraws mobile app after hackers steal personal details
Plastic waste in our oceans is now a well-known issue but new data shows that plastic is adding to air pollution in Indian cities too.
It's not just oceans: Scientists find plastic is also polluting the air

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