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EU plants flag with social bonds in defining year of debt sales
The European Union, set to become one of the largest issuers of green and sustainable bonds, will sell debt for the first time in 2021 off the back of record-breaking demand last year.
Fears of UK double-dip recession rise as activity slumps in COVID-19 lockdown
Fears that the UK economy is facing a double-dip recession have intensified after a poor Christmas for retailers was followed by a slump in activity in January as tougher lockdown measures took effect.
Indian import duties likely to rise by 5%-10% on dozens of items
India is considering hiking import duties by 5%-10% on more than 50 items including smartphones, electronic components and appliances in the upcoming budget, three government sources privy to the discussions told Reuters.
Biden, citing 'economic imperative,' orders faster relief checks, more food aid
US President Joe Biden ordered the faster issuance of pandemic stimulus checks to needy families and increased food aid for children who normally rely on school meals, an effort to ease Americans’ burdens while Congress negotiates over his proposed $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package.
Patient dog waits for days outside hospital in Turkey
A devoted dog has spent days waiting outside a hospital in Turkey where her sick owner was being treated.
Airplane wheel crashes down in Chicago neighborhood
Authorities in Chicago, the US, confirmed a wheel fell off a small plane over the city and landed in the front yard of a resident's home.
Too early to draw COVID origin conclusions: WHO
The World Health Organization said it was too early to draw any conclusions from its mission to Wuhan as to whether the COVID-19 pandemic started in China.
MRI study reveals slowed brain activity during light sleep
Overall brain activity declines during light stages of sleep, even as communication between different brain regions becomes "much more dynamic," according to the researchers behind a study published by iScience.
Groundbreaking new laser system cuts through Earth's atmosphere
To artists and romantics, the twinkling of stars is visual poetry; a dance of distant light as it twists and bends through a turbulent ocean of air above our heads.
Italy blocks TikTok for underage users after 10-year-old death
Italy's data protection watchdog ordered TikTok to block access to users whose age cannot be confirmed.
Ministry: Iranian-Cuban vaccine may reach third phase of clinical trial by mid-March
Third phase of double-blind clinical trial of Iranian-Cuban COVID-19 vaccine will possibly start before the beginning of the Iranian year, 1400, on March 21, an official with Health Ministry announced on Saturday.
Pandemic forces Jordanian children into labor market
Omar's heart sinks when he trudges past his closed school gates in the Jordanian capital Amman – now part of his trip to work, to repair and clean kerosene heaters.
Oily fish consumption tied to lower type 2 diabetes risk
Consumption of oily fish, but not nonoily fish, is associated with a lower risk for type 2 diabetes (T2D), according to a study published in Diabetes Care.
Exercise doesn't boost health if you stay obese, study finds
The harmful effects of obesity on the heart can't be undone by exercise, and it's not possible to be "fat but healthy," Spanish researchers warn.
Archeologists find chocolate at Chaco Culture National Historical Park in US
Chocolate had a place of honor for the historic residents of Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico, the US. Until recently, though, the cacao bean’s importance to the Chacoans was unknown to archeologists.

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