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America’s unipolarity train has left the station
U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration seems to be embroiled in too many crises, small and large, both domestically and overseas, which, compounded by an adversarial (if not outright antagonistic) GOP in the Congress, might keep him from making any meaningful, let alone substantial change. Iran Daily asked Peter Kuznick*, a professor of history, does Biden have the political intention, will or capital to meaningfully reverse anything which needs be reversed for the benefit of Americans?
Millions of Americans lose jobless benefits as Trump refuses to sign aid bill
Millions of Americans saw their jobless benefits expire on Saturday after US President Donald Trump refused to sign into law a $2.3 trillion pandemic aid and spending package, protesting that it did not do enough to help everyday people.
'Awe inspiring' photos of the only total solar eclipse of 2020
The only total solar eclipse of 2020 arrived Monday. And some lucky sky gazers in the world's southern hemisphere witnessed what NASA describes as "one of nature's most awe-inspiring sights."
America’s 3,000 bus companies make appeal for economic relief amid pandemic
In two decades, William Torres built one of the largest private bus companies in the nation’s capital, ferrying millions of people to destinations within and outside the Washington region.
America is dying to reelect Trump
By Glenn C. Altschuler
Archeologist: Ancient Iranians most likely migrated to Americas
An archeologist and petroglyph researcher said that there is some fascinating evidence that shows ancient Iranian people have most probably migrated to the Americas.
How people lived in a part of North America known for extreme weather
Howard Pass, a rock-stubbled tundra plateau in the western Brooks Range, a mountain range in far northern North America, is one of the lowest points in the mountains that arc across northern Alaska.
New version of America's Russia hoax directed at Bernie Sanders: Scholar
US Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has shown her integrity by speaking out against the new version of a Russia hoax directed specifically at front-running Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, American scholar James Fetzer says.

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