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Kashan Bazaar a center of trade for more than 800 years
Looking for a place to immerse in the heart of the local’s people lifestyle? Wondering how they may spend a day? Try Persian ancient markets known as bazaar.
Tabriz Bazaar an important commercial center on Silk Road
Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex, East Azarbaijan Province, is an ancient compound of roofed brick-made passageways, structures, buildings and enclosed spaces used for a series of various functions. It has always played major roles in developing social, economic and political developments in Iran.
Vakil Bazaar, a must visit spot in Shiraz
Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz, southwestern province of Fars, was built in 11th century by Karim Khan Zand as part of a plan to make the city a prominent trading center.
A glimpse of world culture at UN charity bazaar (Video)
Women representing more than 80 countries display their traditional handicrafts and cuisine at a United Nations' charity bazaar in Vienna. Parts of the proceeds from the Iran stand are destined to reach victims of the recent earthquake in the western province of Kermanshah. Press TV’s Homa Lezgee reports.
Tehran Grand Bazaar
One of the greatest marketplaces in all of Iran, Tehran Grand Bazaar is a giant labyrinth of narrow alleys teeming with shoppers, merchants and overladen carts. In the bazaar, one comes across a number of impressive mosques, most notably Imam Khomeini Mosque, as well as dozens of covered walkways and specialized sections for everything from copper to carpets and spices. It is the best place to bargain for a wide array of souvenirs, while the merchants often provide travelers their closest peek into life on the southern side of the city. Unless you're prepared for the bazaar's daunting rush hour crowds, get your shopping done either in the morning or between lunch and about 5 p.m.
US goes shopping in Iran’s nuclear bazaar
Mere months ago, Iran’s nuclear program was a dispute with Western countries, the US in particular. Now it’s supplying the US Department of Energy with a strategic substance that the United States itself can’t produce. DOE has struck a deal to purchase 32 tons of heavy water — water containing the hydrogen isotope deuterium — from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.
Khoy Bazaar precincts demarcated
The precincts of Khoy Bazaar, in Khoy, West Azarbaijan Province, were demarcated, announced the director general of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) for Inscription of Historical, Cultural and Natural Sites.
Arak Bazaar to be registered as world heritage site
Markazi Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Department seeks to prepare the grounds for global registration of Arak Bazaar on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, said the head of the department.
Zanjan Bazaar
Zanjan Bazaar is a roofed structure that lies along the east–west axis of the city. It is one of the longest Iranian bazaar.

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