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Iran urges US to lift all sanctions after Biden rescinds Trump claim
Russia: Sanctions brought situation to dead end
Biden says 'democracy is fragile' after Trump acquitted
US President Joe Biden said on Saturday that the Senate's acquittal of former president Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection was a reminder that democracy was fragile.
Iran president: Biden should avoid 'terrorist' Trump’s path, make up for past crimes
President Hassan Rouhani urged the new US administration to take a new path in dealing with Iran and move to make up for the crimes committed by former president, Donald Trump, against Iranian people, saying the world has no doubt that the pressure policy against Tehran has failed.
Iran: US should take first step to resolve JCPOA issues
Zarif urges US to comply with deal instead of ‘spouting off’
Zarif: Only Iran can set conditions over JCPOA
US must prove another withdrawal will not happen again
Biden to keep freeze on F-35 sales to Turkey over Russia's S-400s: US official
A US military official said the administration of US President Joe Biden does not plan to end the freeze on the delivery of fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets to Turkey unless Ankara ditches the advanced S-400 air defense systems it purchased from Russia.
Leader: Iran will reverse nuclear steps only if US lifts sanctions first
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Sunday the United States must "completely lift" sanctions first, followed by Iran’s verification, before the Islamic Republic returns to full compliance of its nuclear deal commitments.
Biden: Trump shouldn’t receive intelligence briefings due to 'erratic behavior'
US President Joe Biden said that he doesn’t believe his predecessor, Donald Trump, should have access to any intelligence briefings due to his “erratic behavior”.
Biden weighs easing pressure without lifting key Iran sanctions
The Biden administration is weighing ways to ease Iran’s financial pressure without lifting crushing economic sanctions – including on oil sales – as a step toward reviving the 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by former president Donald Trump.
Zarif warns US over 'dangerous' delay in undoing wrongs
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized the administration of US President Joe Biden for not moving fast to rectify wrong steps taken under former president Donald Trump.
Lavrov: Russia counts on US to rejoin Iran nuclear deal
EU advises ‘maximum diplomacy’ instead of ‘maximum pressure’
Iran says Israel is “extorting” Biden by opposing nuclear deal
Iran's mission to the United Nations in Geneva has hit back at the apartheid regime of Israel after its military chief threatened action against Tehran if US President Joe Biden revived the 2015 nuclear deal.
Zarif: US ‘must establish its bona fides’ to rejoin nuclear deal
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad said Monday said the United States first “must establish its bona fides” to come back to the 2015 nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
Iran: Mere US signature won’t fix nuclear deal
US says seeking ‘longer and stronger’ agreement

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